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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Scratch On The Hunt is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


Scratch stalked through the forest, a terrifying dark presence in the night, more sensed than seen. Darkness boiled in his skull. Like a storm cloud crammed into a bottle.

The woods were alive with those he had taken. They were coming with him, directed by him. His army of darkness. HIs singular purpose was a sharp, pulsing blacks hole in his head, waves roaring out of it to whip his flock into a frenzy, filling them with his purpose. The Clicker. He wanted it to make his horrific ending to the story come true. The art was there. The Clicker would push it across the final threshold. A detonator to send out a tidal wave that would spread to overtake reality. He was so close to claiming it.

The Taken gibbered and shouted, straining against their invisible leashes. Filled with bloodlust. Scratch let them go. They launched themselves into the night with violent glee. He ripped a signpost from the ground, swung it in his hand as if it was made of air. Ahead, the music started. It called him on. Let the final Deerfest commence.


The page depicts...


  • Location: Watery (Coffee World)
  • Continue until Saga reaches Coffee World. North of the Gift Shop, but south of the Ranger Cabin is a small cabin and Break Room. The page is in the Break Room on the table.