The Sawed-off shotgun is a weapon in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


It requires 30 pages to unlock, after which, it can be found at the Drive-In Theater.

In-Game Description

Sure, it has pitiful accuracy and worse range, but it's still your best friend when the bad guys are right in your face. Fire both barrels in quick succession for that nice one-two punch.


The Sawed-off shotgun is a single-handed, double barreled shotgun, similar to the shotgun in Alan Wake. Like the shotgun, the Sawed-off has two barrels which allows it to act like a semi-automatic. This means that both barrels can be fired with little interval between. Because it's a shot gun, the Sawed-off features low range, ammo capacity, magazine size, and accuracy. However, this is off-set by the weapons rapid rate of fire (both barrels can be fired almost instantaneously) and very high damage. It is per shot the most powerful one-handed weapon, allowing the player to use the top slot for a primary weapon, while the right slot houses more of a support weapons. Unfortunately, because of the Sawed-off's short range and high rate of fire, this means that reloads will be frequent, as will trips to the ammo bin. It modelled after Remington SBS or Rossi Overland Sawed Off.


The Sawed-off Shotgun is found in a weapons case in the Drive-In which is just next to a spotlight near the building where Serena Valdivia is. It requires 30 manuscript pages to open the chest.

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