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Sam Smith is the owner of the Mountain Air Motel in Bright Falls. He is the father of Daniel Smith.

Bright Falls (Mini-series)

Sam doesn't look surprised when he see's that a lightbulb was broken. He then fixed the lightbulb and threw it into a trash can full of other broken bulbs. He then went into the woods with his shotgun. Sam fired a warning shot to scare off/provoke whatever is in the forest. Moments later his eyes appear to focus on something and he starts backing up. After tripping on his own shotgun shell, he gets grabbed by an unknown creature. This was possibly Jake Fischer.


  • Sam appears to have some sort of problem with his back - while changing the lightbulb he winces because of back pain and when he trips on his shotgun shell he is paralyzed and in agony due to the fall on his back.
  • It appears that Sam has a history of drug abuse, as the Deputy speculates that he is off in the woods on a bender when Jake inquires about his disappearance,