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Saga Finds A Safe Haven is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


The fuse was in place. She had found it among the junk in the forest. Saga stepped inside the Witch's Hut. Something rushed through her. A presence. Familiar. She couldn't quite place it. Something long forgotten. She tried to hold onto it, but it was already gone.

Inside, a bright light. And objects that stood out to Saga. Stood out from the dusty animal skulls and cauldron. As if the light had manifested them. Pulled them from darkness. A shift in reality. Heavy with hidden meanings. A coffee thermos. A shoebox. A mop and a bucket. A poster on the wall.

And in the cabinet, another manuscript page.


The page depicts Saga coming into the Witch's Huts Safe Haven and noting the objects that come with the Safe Havens, such as the Coffee Thermos, the Shoebox, Ahti's mop and Ahti's poster. She also finds a manuscript page in the cabinet.


  • Location: Cauldron Lake (Witch's Ladle)
  • This is story-related and cannot be missed. Return to the Witch's Ladle and burn away the darkness. It will appear after.
  • Alan Wake narrates part of this manuscript immediately after it is collected:
Quote1 The fuse was in place. Saga stepped inside the Witch’s Hut. Inside, a bright light. And objects that stood out to Saga. As if the light had manifested them. Quote2