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Saga Fights Nightingale With Light is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript and the second one found by Saga Anderson.


The autopsy room was a mess. Like a bomb had gone off. Nightingale hunted Saga. Didn't see her under the light. Lurched past her. The Taken could not see into bright light. Light hurt them. Hurt the darkness in them. Made them vulnerable.

I flick the switch, it goes 'click'. Show me the Clicker. Lights are off. But somebody's home. "Hemingway brought you here, witch! Get out of my house!" Nightingale shouted.

A wave of terror crashed through Saga's head. The awful truth. Nightingale had no heart in his chest. But here he was. Killing. A monster. The world had lurched out of balance. You found yourself trapped on the far side of the mirror.


The page depicts the morgue moments after Nightingale's attack and informs Saga on how to hide from the Taken.


  • Location: Bright Falls (Police Station Morgue)
  • This page is story related and impossible to miss.
  • While examining Nightingale in the morgue, a cutscene will play and Saga will pull this page from his chest.