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Saga At The General Store is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


Saga edged toward the broken door. Her gun ready. Flashlight aimed ahead. Nightingale said it would be here.

The Cauldron Lake general store was overgrown. Left to rot. Saga thought about the Cult of the Tree. They had been here. Waiting. Planning a gruesome ritual murder. Meanwhile, they played cards in the general store. Like it was just another late-night poker game.

Saga stepped closer to the door. Had the animal broken it?

There was a loud crash. Saga found herself face-to-face with a cultist. A hulking figure in a raincoat.

"We watch in the night!"

Wild eyes behind a plastic deer mask. An axe in his raised hand.


This page depicts the same Taken attack Saga would have had to survive before reaching this page.


  • This page is found in the Cauldron Lake area, after Saga and Casey return to the crime scene.
  • Enter the General Store. After dealing with the Taken that breaks down a wall, enter the room through the destroyed wall and the page will be on the floor.