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Quote1 It's for us... the text is about us. Quote2
― Saga Anderson, Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson is one of the protagonists in Alan Wake 2. Saga is an FBI agent with a gifted track record due to her supernatural abilities of profiling victims and suspects in her "Mind Place" through telepathy. In 2023, she arrives to Bright Falls, Washington with her partner Agent Alex Casey to investigate the murder of former FBI Agent Robert Nightingale by the Cult of the Tree. They later discover supernatural occurrences that surround the area are having an affect on reality and are tied to the murders. Saga and Casey then find novelist Alan Wake, who went missing in 2010, when he washed up on the shore of Cauldron Lake. As they uncover a manuscript written by Wake and edited by his evil doppelgänger Scratch, Saga assists Wake in defeating Scratch as the story, which includes the death of her daughter, is slowly coming true. Saga, with the help of Alan's wife, Alice, is able to kill Scratch and save her daughter from the story.



Saga Anderson was born in 1988 in Bright Falls, Washington to Freya Anderson. Freya was the daughter of Tor Anderson and niece of Odin Anderson, belonging to the famed rock band Old Gods of Asgard.

In 1989, Freya had an argument with her father and left the Anderson Farm with Saga. Passed down from Tor, Saga had the ability of True Sight. She was able to see things for what they were, to understand people and their true intentions within a realm inside Saga's head, which she called the Mind Place. Her mother discouraged her from this ability and tried to convince her it wasn't real.

Saga eventually married David Woods and had a daughter named Logan. In 2019, Saga joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to her abilities of profiling people and seeing what others can't. She was partnered with Agent Alex Casey. Saga became famous within the FBI for her ability to solve the most difficult cases. At some point, her mother Freya died.

Arriving in Bright Falls[]

Saga and Casey are investigating the grisly murders at Bright Falls and Watery, where the Cult of the Tree have murdered Wendy Davis, Ted Lane, and Percy Wolfe by ripping their hearts out. They are called to the scene of the ritualistic murder of Robert Nightingale, a former FBI agent who went missing years before and has resurfaced. Before she arrives, she gives a call to Logan. Civilians Ed and Tammy Booker have found the cultists kill Nightingale and reported them to the sheriff's department, and Saga and Casey join deputy sheriffs Mulligan and Thornton at the scene. When going to Cauldron Lake, the two agents discover a manuscript that explicitly mentions them and their investigation, disturbing them. Unknown to them, Alan Wake had been writing Saga's story through the manuscripts. Saga profiles Nightingale and discovers that something was placed inside him. Returning to their car, they find a station set up by the Federal Bureau of Control.

Saga goes to the Oh Deer Diner in Bright Falls and meets Sheriff Tim Breaker and the Bookers. The Bookers admit to her that they were there as part of Tammy's true crime podcast, with their latest investigation on Alan Wake's disappearance. Before she leaves, she is encountered by waitress Rose Marigold, who seems to know her and says she did not expect her return since Logan's supposed death, confusing Saga. Saga and Casey join Breaker at the morgue at the sheriff's office, where they examine Nightingale and find a manuscript page inside saying Nightingale was hunting her. Breaker notes they have found other manuscripts earlier, but he disappears and, just as the manuscript says, Nightingale revives and murders several police officers and morticians before Saga stops him. Seeking advice from another manuscript, Saga and Casey head back to Cauldron Lake to pursue Nightingale through something called an Overlap.

At Cauldron Lake, Saga may meet Watery entrepreneur Ilmo Koskela and FBC engineer Steven Lin, who is repairing the damaged FBC monitoring station. If this happens, Saga and Ilmo will bond over their shared European heritage. Following more manuscript pages, she heads to the convenience store where encounters several Taken and retrieves Nightingale's heart which she uses to enter the Overlap. After hearing Logan's cries for help at the Overlap, she puts down Nightingale and, upon exiting the Overlap, finds Alan Wake washed up ashore, finally reappearing after thirteen years.

Finding the Clicker[]

After being informed by David about a minor accident involving Logan, Saga and Casey speak to Alan. Alan explains he escaped from the Dark Place and that he had been writing to escape through a novel called Return, however his evil doppelganger Mr. Scratch has escaped as well. Saga theorizes that Scratch has been editing his story to escape. Alan explains that Scratch wants the Clicker to achieve his ending in expanding beyond Bright Falls and warns Saga and Casey that Scratch would want to use the pages to hurt them. After Saga uses her powers to expose Alan hiding more pages, she heads to Watery to find the cult members who have the Clicker so she can give it to Alan, going off a lead of an encounter with a cultist outside a trailer.

At Watery, Saga meets Valhalla Nursing Home driver Vladimir Blum and Ilmo and his brother Jaakko, all who suddenly claim to know Saga, who thinks Return is affecting reality. Ilmo, the owner of the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park, says the keys to her trailer are in the local amusement park Coffee World. Retrieving her key and heading to the trailer park, she meets rockers Tor and Odin Anderson, who are thrilled to reunite with her after finally introducing themselves as her grandfather and grand-uncle, respectively. However, the brothers seem to be aware of reality and tell her not to be "part of the story." She sees several of her belongings at her trailer as well as a photo of the Anderson Brothers with a cultist and a newspaper clipping of Logan's death by drowning. As she calls David, she sees Mulligan and Thornton, who turn out to be cultists and Taken, and she follows them to the Kalavala Knights motorcycle club, the cultists' hideout, where she also discovers the Koskela brothers are cultists as well. She pursues them and kills them at an Overlap before retrieving the Clicker, but to her confusion she talks with Alan who is still seemingly in the Dark Place, and she demands to know why her family is involved in the story. However, she arrives at the aftermath of a grisly shootout between Casey, Alan, the Taken, and the cultists, where Saga manages to fend off Ilmo from killing Alan. The FBC arrives to handle the situation, where agent Kiran Estevez take Saga off the case, and capture Alan and the cultists, with Casey nowhere to be found.

Valhalla Nursing Home[]

Refusing to be let off the case, she goes to the Valhalla Nursing Home where she asks Rose for her grandfather and grand-uncle. Rose is tight-lipped about what happened but allows her to visit, where Tor had seemingly been injured and Odin is bedridden. She talks to Odin through her Mind Place, where Odin reveals that being a Seer was an inherited ability from their family. Odin warns her that the Darkness is after Tor and to beware of Cynthia Weaver, a former resident in the nursing home who had become possessed by the Dark Presence and plans to kill Tor so he wouldn't talk to Saga. After making her way through the Wellness Center, she sees her grandfather being pulled by Cynthia to an Overlap with Rose chastising them. After profiling Rose and gaining her trust, she realizes that she needs the Old Gods of Asgard's record "Anger's Remorse" to enter it, but she had to reactivate the power in the basement, where she finds Vladimir's body. She uses the record to enter the Overlap, rescue Tor, and kill Cynthia, ultimately having another encounter with Alan afterwards. Resurfacing and speaking with Tor in the Mind Place, Tor tells her that their Seer abilities helped them resist the influence of the Dark Presence and the cult, and that they need to give the Clicker to "Tom," which Saga guesses that she has to give the Clicker to Alan.

Saga arrives at the police station to find everyone dead, the power cut off, and the place filled with Taken attackers and possessed policemen and FBC agents. Saga, Estevez, and an injured Casey clear out the station and reinstate the power, and Estevez says they have equipment to fight the Dark Presence behind the station. Saga heads to the jail cells where Alan and the Koskela Brothers are stationed, and the brothers beg Saga to kill Alan. Before Saga could give Alan the clicker, Alan suffers a severe break and he is revealed to Scratch all along. Scratch kills Jaakko and pursues Saga outside, where she uses the FBC's equipment to weaken him. After chasing off Scratch, Estevez deputizes Saga into the FBC in order for her to access Bureau's intel on the case.

Summoning Alan Wake[]

Saga, Casey, and Estevez decide to team up with the Anderson brothers and form a ritual to use the Old Gods' music to bring back Alan, but despite fending off several Taken, Alan is nowhere to be found when Saga uses the Clicker. She realizes the ritual transported Alan back to when they met days ago, meaning that Scratch had possessed Alan all this time. Scratch appears, and Saga tells the others of her plan to trap herself and Scratch inside the FBC's locked cage so they can set Alan free. They manage to do so, but Scratch instead possesses Casey, who retrieves the Clicker and throws Saga into Cauldron Lake and the Dark Place. Tor and Odin go in the lake to find her, while Alan and Estevez decide to pursue Scratch.

Saga finds herself in a twisted version of her Mind Place - one that exploits her guilt and insecurities over Logan's death, being a terrible mother, and being a terrible partner that Casey was in danger. She manages to fight against the Dark Presence, reminding herself of the truth and her personal achievements, enabling her to escape into the Dark Place of New York. She receives a phone call from an unknown woman, who instructs her to go to the statue of Parliament plaza to make her ending come true; there she finds the Clicker and the Bullet of Light. The woman calls again, saying that Alan could not figure out the ending and that he needs Saga's help.

Co-Authoring the Ending[]

Saga communicates with Alan in the Mind Place, where they try to figure out the ending so it would fit into a horror story while saving everyone, including Casey and Logan. The two decide to make Return about a story that comes to life with Saga as the hero who is going through the journey. Saga emphasizes that it is not just Alan's ending but their ending, as Saga is now inputting the story elements to make the ending stick, and both of them are the heroes. Alan offers himself as the hero who pays the price, and the two decide their ending. As she heads to Alan, Saga finds Breaker in the Dark Place, and Breaker hands him a manuscript from Mr. Door which he was going to read to her before he was moved to the Dark Place.

Saga makes her way to Alan's Writer's Room, just in time for Alan to finish the story and Scratch to arrive. Saga uses the Clicker with the revised story, making their new ending of Return come true: Scratch is removed from Casey and brought back to Alan, with Saga shooting Scratch and Alan with the Bullet of Light. Casey asks Saga if it is over, and Saga calls Logan to ensure she is alright, however she never picks up.


  • Saga is portrayed by Melanie Liburd.
  • Saga is of African-American descent through her father and of Swedish descent through her mother.
  • Saga's character was previously teased by Remedy through an easter egg video in Quantum Break titled "RETURN," in which she investigated the events of Alan Wake alongside an FBI agent named Alex Casey (who, like his Alan Wake 2 counterpart, was voiced by James McCaffrey and played by Sam Lake).
    • In the video, the character was played by Finnish singer and actress Malla Malmivaara, who is credited in Quantum Break with Additional Motion Capture and Acting.
    • The character's name was not given in the video, but could be seen on an ID badge. It was also stated by Sam Lake in a Twitter post from December 2015.
  • In Norse mythology, the name "Saga" means "Seer" or "to see", or to be able to communicate with the dead, further foreshadowing of being the granddaughter of Tor Anderson and her preternatural abilities to profile.
  • It is heavily implied the visions she has of interviewing persons of interest in her Mind Place is a genuine supernatural ability inherited from Tor and influence from the moonshine he made from Cauldron Lake's waters, as she is able to see entirely factual information in her visions, including things she has no realistic way of inferring such as personal motives or exact circumstances.
  • It is suggested, but unconfirmed, that Mr. Door may be Saga Anderson's missing father. This would make him the husband of Freya Anderson and the son/nephew-in-law of Tor and Odin Anderson, who left the family under uncertain circumstances during Saga's early childhood.