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Quote1.png Oh! Hello! I've painted you! Quote2.png
― Rudolf to Alan, Episode 4: The Truth

Rudolf Lane is a character who appears in Alan Wake.


Events of Alan Wake

He is a patient at Cauldron Lake Lodge. He had painters block when he went to the Lodge but still did not succeed until Alan Wake appeared there, where he then started painting darker pictures of various wolves, demons and Taken-like beings. He can be found standing outside painting a picture. He'll tell Alan the picture is of him and also say he needs to get inside due to the approaching storm.

Psycho Thriller

After the events at the Cauldron Lake Lodge, he is found by Emil Hartman and Nurse Sinclair frantically painting events that have and will occur. It's not long before he is then killed by a Taken Ben Mott.


  • He was in depression until he started producing work again.
  • He is the type of guy that is solely focused on his work when working and when not working all he can do is talk about his work.
  • He is mentioned in AWE. in the audio log Research & Records: Hartman Arrest, but only as a victim.