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The Ripple Effect Corporation is an organization in one branch of the multiverse. It's not entirely clear what the goal of the corporation is, but they're very concerned with Warlin Door, who seems to be hunting variants of The Actor throughout the multiverse, including REC Agent Branch.

As a multiversal agency it's not clear if there's only one REC or multiple different versions across realities, each with a different history or goals. In one universe, the agency was founded by The Actor and a woman named Jesbet with the specific purpose of stopping Door. Jesbet is described as looking identical to the Agent, but as this may be a REC from different universe, they may not be the same person.


Known employees include:

  • The Agent (possibly the same person as Jesbet)
  • Agent Branch
  • Ahti
  • The Actor, provisionally


The REC has invented a number of devices to help them navigate alternate realities:

Background Information[]

  • The REC seems to be a sort of combination of the Federal Bureau of Control from Control, and Monarch Solutions from Quantum Break. While the exterior is a brutalist monolith like the Oldest House, the interior resembles some parts of Monarch headquarters.
  • The Ripple Effect Corporation name may come from the Ripple Causality Effect Algorithm Computational Device used by Monarch Solutions to investigate Quantum Ripples.
  • The REC logo uses the Magistral Bold font.