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Right of Way is an achievement/trophy in Alan Wake.

Achievement Description



  • "You have peeled 15 Taken off your bumper".


This achievement involves using a vehicle to run over 15 Taken after their protective shrouds are removed. This is usually done by using the car's boosted headlights.

There are many opportunities to run over Taken with a car when one is required for a long trip, but there is a section in the level "Mirror Peak" where the Taken are in a small area and there is a lot of them, which can be a good place to rack up many of the kills. The player may also note, that when in the car, the Taken will respawn indefinitely, allowing the player to farm as many kills as necessary to unlock the achievement.

The preferred way is to drive around when driving back to Barry in Episode 2: Taken as this is the first time you can drive a car. If your car is too damaged after running over many Taken, there is another one in a small car park on the left of the road.