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The Revolver is a six-shot pistol. It is Alan Wake's first acquired weapon, found in the lumberyard and used for self-defense. The model appears to be a Colt Python with a 4-inch barrel. It is the most common firearm wielded in the game. In Alan Wake's American Nightmare when you pick up the revolver at the oil field, Wake will state "Can't go wrong with the classic". The achievement The Six-Gun Scribe is earned for killing 100 Taken with the revolver.

In-game description

"The Revolver packs more of a punch than the 9mm pistol, but it holds less ammunition and takes longer to reload. Like most things in life, it's a trade-off."


Your most basic weapon, the revolver holds six rounds. It, by far has more plentiful ammo than any other weapon in the game. Additionally, it can take out the weakest Taken with a single shot, but more powerful enemies require several shots before they go down. It is modeled after Colt Python with 4 inch barrel and judging by the ammo boxes found, the ammunition found for it is the powerful .357 Magnum.


The revolver is a fairly weak weapon. Like most other non-light weapons, it does no damage against the taken unless their shield of darkness is down. However, it will stun shielded taken slightly. It will kill a common non-shielded Taken in 2-6 shots, and it has a fairly slow reload which can be interrupted by firing. Revolvers hold 6 shots fully loaded and can hold up to 42 rounds of ammo, including loaded rounds. Despite the revolver's weak firepower, it is more than enough for most low-intensity encounters and ammo is quite plentiful throughout the game, making it a fair choice until more difficult or numerous enemies appear. You can also find trash boxes that supply you with infinite ammo.