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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 This is how we win. Is it too easy? Quote2
― Alan Wake

Come Home is the ninth chapter of Saga Anderson's story and the final chapter overall in Alan Wake 2. It follows Saga Anderson as she finds herself trapped in her Mind Place as well as the Dark Place.



  • During Return 9, Saga is limited to her Pistol, plus any secondary items she finds in containers along the way.

Manuscript Pages[]




Evidence Board[]

You Were a Terrible Partner[]

  • I might not always be the best partner, but Casey trusted me. HE wouldn't give up, and neither will I. Casey's still in there. I'm sure of it.

It's Your Fault He Got Hurt[]

  • I wish I'd been there for Casey, but I know he wouldn't want me to blame myself for this. We can't control every outcome. He taught me that.

You've Lost Your Mind[]

  • I haven't lost it - at least not yet. This is all real. This place wants me to doubt myself, but I can't. I still have work to do.

You Were a Terrible Detective[]

  • If I were a bad detective, I'd probably be dead by now. Blaming myself for past mistakes won't solve the case.

Logan Died Because of You[]

  • My daughter isn't dead and I won't let some bullshit story convince me that I let her die.

You Were a Terrible Mom[]

  • I might not be the perfect mom, but I've done my best. Logan loves me, and I love her.

Ending Transcript[]

[Saga materializes in the Writer's Room. Alan sits at the typewriter, clacking away.]

Saga: Alan?

Alan: Saga! I finished it -- the ending we talked about.

Saga: I have the Clicker and the Bullet of Light. Let's do this.

[Alan reaches for the Clicker, but Saga pulls back. Alan is clearly surprised.]

Saga: I have to be the one to do it.

Alan: (narrating) I feel like I've always been on this journey.

Alan: Okay.

[He hands her the manuscript. She reads it over.]

Alan: (narrating) It must end here -- this darkness. What lies under the surface now shifts. A play of shadows, catching my eye, thrusting my face into the water.

[Scratch materializes in the doorway behind Saga.]

Alan: He's here!

Alan: (narrating) It's shockingly cold -- past the mirror of the surface... and I will see.

Saga: Casey?

Scratch: The end!

Alan: Scratch! Now!

[Saga activates the Clicker, pointing it at Scratch. Casey clutches his head as Scratch screams within him.]

Alan: (narrating) A white searing light of truth that, for a flash, pierces the shadows and reveals the hidden horror. And in that moment of silence, the whispered message, finally heard...

[Scratch rises out of Casey. Stares Alan down.]

Alan: C'mon, you motherfucker! C'mon! Come home!

[Scratch charges, entering Alan, possessing him once again. He tries, valiantly, to fight it.]

Alan: (narrating) What if there's nothing waiting to be revealed? The play of shadows fooled us all; subterfuge to get our price of admission. Darkness, not as a monster, but as emptiness.

[Saga cocks her gun, aims at Alan.]

Alan: (narrating) We are none the wiser. No answers, no truths. The hero looks inside, is destroyed by what he sees, and is redeemed. Saga said we're both heroes. I'll pay that price, so will she. We are here to kill the monster. I pray nothing comes after this. Nothing but sleep.

[She shoots, striking Alan in the forehead.]

Alan: (narrating) This is how we win. Is it too easy? What if this is still the Dark Place? Another dream to wake up from. Always coming back to the beginning. The memory of what came before burned away by this terrible realization. Maybe it's a mercy, forgetting. To know nothing when we loop around, back to--

[Alan collapses. Casey stands. Saga dials a number -- Logan. She puts the phone to her ear as it rings.]

Casey: Is it over? Anderson?

[The phone rings. And rings...]


  • The last sentence of the mid-credits scene, "It's not a loop, it's a spiral" is a direct call back to the final main episode of Alan Wake, Departure, with the final phrase being "It's not a lake, it's an ocean".
    • At the same time, the last cut off sentence of Alan's speech prior to the credits, mirrors that of the first words of the game, "Back to the beginning", seemingly confirming this notion.