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Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 I was going to make that leap again. This time knowing the cost all too well. Quote2
― Alan Wake

Deerfest is the eighth chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. However players portray Alan Wake as he makes his way from Cauldron Lake to the main town of Bright Falls to stop Scratch.


Free from Scratch's influence, Alan's mind feels clear for the first time in 13 years. He spots the Anderson Brothers walking into the lake to get to "their next gig". Alan walks over to Kiran Estevez as they come up with a plan to stop Casey, now possessed by Scratch. Alan states he can rewrite the ending if he can somehow read the original. Estevez, unable to assist with her damaged leg, provides Alan with weapons. Alan then fights his way through the woods of Cauldron Lake and reaches Saga Anderson's FBI car, driving it to the main town of Bright Falls.

As Alan arrives at the edge of town, he finds that the town is shrouded, and realises that Scratch's version of the manuscript is already in motion. Although he had just escaped from one nightmare, he knows he must enter another, understanding he may not escape this either. Knowing the danger, he walks towards the town, into the altered reality.

Alan, wearing his clothes from when he was in the Dark Place, finds himself in the main town of Bright Falls during the daytime, where suddenly the 81st Deerfest is being held and all the townspeople are wearing deer masks. The main celebration, however, is for Alan Wake's newest novel "Return", where many people are talking and praising the book. Alan realises that in order for him to rewrite the ending, he needs to obtain a copy of the book, though he finds everywhere is sold out. Next to the Elderwood Palace Lodge is a standee that contains a copy, which Alan steals. Upon doing so however, the townsfolk suddenly become crazy and start chasing after Alan, though Alan manages to escape them.

Following the path out from the back of the lodge, Alan finds his way to the Valhalla Nursing Home and realises that his writer's room is at the top of it. Before anything else however, Scratch begins chasing him through the Wellness Center. When he escapes, he spots Rose Marigold ushering him into the Nursing home where it's safe. Rose tells Alan that she has been receiving his messages loud and clear regarding preparing for the hero, but Alan tells her he hadn't been sending her any messages, though Rose just thinks Alan is remaining to be secretive on the matter.

Alan makes his way to the top of the nursing home where he finds the spiral door. He also finds Ahti stood outside it, waiting for Alan. Ahti assists Alan by unlocking the door for him, and Alan walks inside. Before he can write the ending, he needed to come up with a new ending, and finds an echo of himself and Saga Anderson discussing what the new ending needs to be, and that the Clicker would be needed. From this information, he begins to write the new ending whilst he waits for Saga to, hopefully, emerge from the water pool Ahti left her as a means of escape from the Dark Place.

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