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Quote1 This song goes out to our favorite tortured writer. Let these sweet tunes guide you out of the darkness! Quote2
― Odin Anderson

Summoning is the seventh chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. It explores Saga as she, Alex Casey, Kiran Estevez and the Anderson Brothers return to Cauldron Lake to try and summon Alan Wake from the Dark Place.


After Saga Anderson tells Kiran Estevez she is ready to try and summon Alan Wake from the Dark Place, whilst on her way to Cauldron Lake she makes a call to the Anderson Brothers to ask if they can conjure up a song that might bring Alan back, which they agree to. She also makes a call to her husband David who, when he picks up, yells down the phone at Saga to stop calling him, blaming her for the death of Logan.

Saga arrives at Cauldron Lake and makes her way down to the lake, spotting both Kiran and Alex Casey in a helicopter taking supplies required for defense and the Anderson Brothers as they drive the Valhalla Nursing Home van down to the lake. Saga arrives at the shore line to see the Anderson Brothers fully set up on top of the van ready to perform the song. They begin performing a song named Dark Ocean Summoning, which attracts the attention of numerous Taken which Saga valiantly fights off with the help of Kiran and Casey.

The Overlap then begins to open up, and Saga walks over to it with the Clicker in hand and pushes it. For a brief moment, it appears the song worked, as Alan appears washed up on the shoreline, but then reality flickers and he disappears, confusing Saga as to what just happened. She then realizes that Alan was summoned, however he didn't appear there and then, but a couple days in the past where Saga found him on the shore at the end of Return 2: The Heart. This then makes her realize that Alan and Scratch are actually in the same body and not two separate entities.

Scratch then arrives at the lake, where Saga fights him whilst turning the lights towards the cage. With the lights in place, she enters the cage where Scratch follows her. With Scratch in the cage, Estevez boosts the lights, causing Scratch, and the cage, to explode knocking Saga over. Alan, now free from Scratch's possession, apologizes for all that has happened. Casey then walks up to Saga, now possessed by Scratch, steals the Clicker from her, throws her into the lake, then disappears into the night.

Scratch then appears in the main town of Bright Falls and presses the clicker, making his own reality come true as Pat Maine declares Deerfest being cancelled. Scratch drops the Clicker, where it falls through reality, where it is caught by an unknown hand.

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  • This is the fourth time in a Remedy Entertainment game which involves a musical section where the player must also fight enemies.
    • Furthermore, this is the first Remedy game to include two musical sections, with the one in Initiation 4: We Sing being the first in Alan Wake 2. This means that each of the two main characters have their own musical section.