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Quote1 This will put a smile back on your face, my dear. Quote2
― Cynthia Weaver to Saga Anderson

Old Gods is the fifth chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. It follows Saga as she makes her way to the Valhalla Nursing Home to visit the Anderson Brothers.


Wake in Custody[]

Agent Kiran Estevez and the FBC have taken Alan Wake into their custody and removed Saga Anderson from the case. Furthermore, her partner, Alex Casey, is missing. With limited options and no other leads, Saga decides to give her grandfather and granduncle a visit.

Heading to the Valhalla Nursing Home
Valhalla Nursing Home (Case Board)

While heading down the path through the Bunker Woods, Tor will call Saga. However, yelling can be heard, and the conversation will be cut off. Arriving at the nursing home manor, Saga rings the doorbell and is greeted by Rose. Rose will inform Saga that Odin and Tor can't see anyone today, but Saga is let inside to see the other residents.

Tor and Odin have rooms on the second floor of the manor. Tor's room is trashed, while Odin will be stuck in bed, suffering from a hangover. While conventional methods of talking will fail, Saga can talk to Odin in her Mind Place, revealing there is more to her Mind Place than mental technique. This conversation will also explain the significance of the Clicker in "amplifying" works of art, and direct Saga to find Tor in the Wellness Center.

Before heading downstairs, Saga can come across Cynthia Weaver by the large windows at the end of the hall. While initially appearing normal, Weaver is quickly revealed to be a Taken. Returning downstairs, Rose will hesitate to allow Saga into the Wellness Center; however, will grant access with a warning:
Quote1 Watch out... for puddles. You can hurt yourself in the dark. Quote2
― Rose Marigold to Saga Anderson

Search for Tor in the Wellness Center[]

The inside of the Wellness Center is dark. Heading to the Patient Rooms will find Tor's bed empty, along with discarded, bloody bandages and a note that Tor has recently been more aggressive. Saga continues to Rehabilitation, and spots Tor, but an electronically locked door prevents her from following.

Heading back through the Wellness Center, Saga finds a way into the Security Room. Using clues, Saga can figure out Vladimir Blum computer password, unlock the Wellness Center doors, and catch Tor behaving erratically on camera. Returning to Rehabilitation leads to an encounter with Gail Barrows, who is a new type of Taken, a Taken Diver. Dispatching the Taken, and continuing through the Cafeteria and Kitchen, leads Saga back outside and triggers a cutscene.

Enter the Nursing Home Overlap
Into the Pond (Case Board)

Defeat Taken Cynthia Weaver[]

Case: Closed'
The Anderson Brothers - Closed (Case Board)

Manuscript Pages[]



  1. Video on the Wellness Center security computer


  • One of the photos in Rose's shrine features Alan with with red scarf and glasses, which was his early design which was shown in early builds and trailers of the first game.