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Sudden Stop
Why the hell did you kill Casey? What the hell were you thinking, man?
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Quote1 This is not your playground. And I'm not your fucking creation. Quote2
― Alex Casey to Alan Wake

No Chance is the fourth chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. However, players portray Alan Wake instead of Saga Anderson, as Alan and Casey are attacked by the Cult of the Tree.


As Saga Anderson is in Watery and whist she makes her way back to the main town of Bright Falls with the Clicker, Alan Wake is being interviewed by Alex Casey at the Elderwood Palace Lodge on how Casey's life seems to be similar to Alan's novels. Meanwhile the Cult of the Tree prepare to attack the lodge. With Alan in pain with his head, Casey then questions Alan's life and how he uses people for his own gain, and claims that he is not Alan's creation. Alan claims the Dark Place can't make something out of nothing, and that creating fiction is harder than it seems there, and believes he gave up on writing at one time whilst trapped there; maybe he forgot he shouldn't write, since the Dark Place makes people forget what they've written.

Suddenly gunshots are fired through the window, where the Cult yell out that they just want Alan. Casey heads outside to find a good vantage point, whilst Alan doubles over in pain with his head and then passes out. When he wakes up, he finds himself covered in blood with the bodies of some of the cultists around him. Alan realises that when he escaped the Dark Place, Scratch must have escaped with him and was attacking the cultists, though wonders why he didn't kill Alan when he killed the cultists.

Hearing Casey in the distance, Alan finds a gun and flashlight and follows him into the trees, where Alan is chased by some of the Taken. Alan manages to catch up to Casey, but begins to double over in pain again, seeing visions of Scratch, and even Casey, in his head. Alan passes out and one of the cultists stands over him. He lifts up a knife, ready to stab him, but Saga Anderson arrives and shoots the knife out of the cultists hand. As he falls over, his deer mask falls off, and it is revealed to be Ilmo Koskela.

In that moment, the Federal Bureau of Control arrive on the scene and arrest both Alan and Ilmo and his brother Jaakko. One of their agents, Kiran Estevez tells Saga that the FBC would be taking over the case and moving her evidence to the Bright Falls Sheriff Station. Kiran asks Saga if there is any other evidence that needs to be handed over, though Saga says no, choosing not to tell her about the Clicker she has in her possession. Kiran then tells Saga she is no longer needed for the investigations. As the FBC leave the scene, Saga refuses to accept she is off the case.