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Quote1 You must stop it before it turns real. Don't be part of the story. Make the story. Quote2
― Odin Anderson to Saga Anderson

Local Girl is the third chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. This chapter explores Saga arriving in Watery after reading the manuscript page given to her by Alan Wake.


Saga Anderson and Alex Casey take Alan Wake back to Bright Falls for questioning, though on the way Saga makes a call to Logan who tells Saga she slipped in the shower. When her husband David speaks to Saga, he tells her that Logan is lucky he heard her slip, as she could have drowned.

Back at Elderwood Palace Lodge, Alan explains to the pair that he's been trapped in the Dark Place all this time. He also explains Mr. Scratch, or Scratch, escaped, and how he can sometimes look like Alan, but other times look like something else entirely. Saga, from the information Alan provided, deduces that Alan wrote a manuscript to try and escape, but Scratch edited it so that he can rewrite reality into his own image. Alan tells the pair about the Clicker and that if Scratch gets a hold of it, he will be able to change things, so if Alan can get the Clicker first, he can make Scratch go away. Saga then questions how she and Casey are written in the story too, and Alan explains he saw visions of them that helped him escape, but Scratch wrote them into the story to hurt them. Alan tells Saga that the Cult of the Tree have the Clicker, though Saga wonders how he knows. Saga profiles Alan and deduces he is hiding a page that tells him about this; she demands he hand it over. The page places her in Watery in one of the trailers at the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park, so she makes her way over there.

Saga arrives outside Suomi Hall in Watery. She looks around to find information on where to find the trailer park; when she enters Suomi Hall, she is shushed due to the man on stage singing a song. She heads outside and speaks to Vladimir Blum who works at the Valhalla Nursing Home. He tells her "long time no see" as if he knows her, though Saga dismisses it and asks him where to find the trailer. Blum tells her to speak to Ilmo Koskela, who owns it. Walking up town a bit, she spots Ilmo and his brother Jaakko standing by a destroyed bridge. Depending on whether or not Saga met Ilmo at Cauldron Lake in Return 2: The Heart, she will either greet Ilmo familiarly or try to introduce herself and ask questions. When she speaks to them, however, they talk as if they've known her for numerous years, claiming she owns a trailer at the trailer park. She asks Ilmo for the key to the trailer, and he tells her it's in the gift shop at Coffee World, an amusement park based on coffee, and that he and his brother would call ahead to have it ready for her.

Saga makes her way down a hiking trail and eventually reaches Coffee World after fighting her way through some of the Taken, though she finds the place abandoned. She arrives at the gift shop, which is locked with a rusted padlock. After she finds a screwdriver to open the lock, she manages to open the safe inside and obtain the key to her trailer.

She walks up the road to the trailer park and spots two old men drinking moonshine. The pair recognise Saga, and she realises that they don't appear to be affected by reality changing around them. They introduce themselves as her family, with Tor Anderson being her grandfather and Odin Anderson being her great-uncle; as they keep talking, Saga believes that perhaps they actually are. She makes her way over to her trailer, where inside she finds various items of Logan's. In Logan's bedroom, she finds a picture with the Andersons and one of the cultists, who seems to also be a member of the Kalevala Knights. She remembers seeing their workshop near Coffee World, and makes it her next objective, but not before she finds a newspaper article, claiming that Logan drowned in July 2019. She tries to call Logan, however the phone just keeps ringing with no answer. She tries to also call her husband David but with still no answer, she leaves a voice mail.

As she storms out the trailer, she spots Mulligan, wearing a deer mask, covered in shadows, and learns he is one of the Cult of the Tree. She follows him back to the Kalevala Knights Workshop into a secret basement. She spots the Clicker on an altar at the end of the room, but as she walks up to it, the Clicker disappears. She finds another manuscript page which tells her about a nearby Overlap in Coffee World where Mulligan and Thornton took the Clicker, and that she would need to place objects on the parade float outside the workshop to open the Overlap. She traverses around Coffee World, obtaining the items required, which opens up the Overlap in the Huotari Well.

Saga climbs down the well, and finds herself near a small cabin. Like the first Overlap, as she pushes onward the environment twists, turns and repeats on itself. She again hears her daughter Logan calling out for help, as well as more visions of Alan Wake. Eventually she comes across both Mulligan and Thornton, who have both turned into Taken and try to kill her, but she manages to defeat the pair. Upon doing so, she finds herself in a dark environment again where she communicates, with difficulty, with Alan, confused as to how he's still in the Dark Place. She demands to know answers if Alan wrote her family into the story, but Alan fades away before she can get answers. As she stands outside the well, she finds the Clicker in her hand.

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  • Superhero by Mougleta plays at the end of the chapter.
  • The beginning scene with Saga Anderson and Alex Casey staring at their case board, drinking coffee in sync is a call back to the original "Return" trailer found in Quantum Break.
  • Alan is wearing the same shirt he wore in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.