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Quote1 I brought you the heart witch. Show me the terror. Quote2
― Saga Anderson, opening the overlap

The Heart is the second chapter of Saga Anderson's story in Alan Wake 2. It follows Saga Anderson and Alex Casey as they attempt to open the Overlap and find Robert Nightingale.


At the Bright Falls Sheriff Station's autopsy room, as FBI agents Saga Anderson and Alex Casey try to make sense of the recent events, Anderson reads one of the manuscript pages that Sheriff Tim Breaker was going to give them before disappearing. The page stated that Nightingale, who had turned into a taken, had returned to the Cauldron Lake and that Saga would pursue him into something reffered to as an "overlap". The agents decide to follow the page and head back to Cauldron Lake to stiop Nightingale. After explaining the situation to Deputies Thornton and Mulligan, Anderson tells Casey to call for reinforcements.

During their way back to the lake, Casey confesses to his partner that he knows the reason behind Nightingales' investigation on Bright Falls 13 years ago, it being Alan Wake. He also tells her that three years after Wake's disappearence, during a period in which a series of ritualistic murder were taking place on New York, he began recieving strange letters in the mail, with fragments of writing describing murders, which belonged to the crime books writen by Wake. Casey explained that the cult's modus operandi revolved around said books and theorizes that their current case may be somehow connected.

After the agents arrive to Cauldron Lake and make their way back to the crime scene, they come across Ilmo Koskela, a resident of Watery, and Steven Lin, a technician repairing a monitoring station for the FBC. Arriving at the crime scene, now flooded, Saga notices a trail of footprints and decides to follow it while Casey inspects the scene. The trail leads he to the large tree were she had found the first manuscript page earlier that day. Within it, she finds a hovering ball of darkness and uses her flashlight to burn it away, revealing another page. The page leads Anderson to the Witch's Hut. Whilst initially empty in the darkness, after she eventually turns on the lights in the hut, the contents in the hut change, and finds a new page which tells her how to open the Overlap. The page describes that she needs to place Nightingale's heart, which had disappeared alongside the former agent earlier, through the hole in the Witch's Ladle sign and recite the phrase "I brought you the heart witch. Show me the terror".

Profiling Nightingale in her Mind Place, Saga discovers that the heart is at the Cauldron Lake General Store. Entering the building, she is starled by a wild deer before a Taken cultist attacks her. The agent uses light and her weapons to kill him and proceeds to the back of the store, where she finds Nightingale's heart in the freezer. The previously illigible tattooed words now read "The wave crashed on the far side of the mirror". With the heart in hand, Saga heads to Witch's Ladle, located next to the large tree, to perform the ritual, though not without fighting more Taken on her way.

Upon arriving, she performs the ritual as described on the page. Reciting the words, the area turns a dark red colour, as the Overlap opens up at the large tree. Stepping through it, Saga begins hearing the voice of her daughter Logan, calling out for help, but she assumes that she is just imagining it. She also begins to see visions of a mysterious figure fading in and out of existence.

Progressing further through the Overlap, she encounters Nightingale, who begins to fight and hunt her down. As she fights him, she realizes that the Overlap is twisting and turning on itself, and the only way to escape is to kill the Taken. After a fierce battle, she finally takes him down.

The Overlap begins to shift back to normal, and Saga begins to see visions again of the man who appeared before her earlier, though she can not understand all of his words. Suddenly Saga finds herself on the shores of Cauldron Lake, and finds a man washed up on it. After she wakes him up, the man begins to ramble about someone named Scratch. Saga asks for the man's name, and he responds that he is Alan Wake. Surprised, Saga tells him he has been missing for exactly 13 years, much to Alan's shock.

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  • Wide Awake by Jaimes plays at the end of the chapter.
  • One of Alan's lines, "My name is Alan Wake. I'm a writer" is a call back to the beginning narration of the first Alan Wake game.