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Quote1 It's for us. The text is about us. Quote2
― Saga to Casey

Invitation is the first chapter of Saga Anderson's Return story in Alan Wake 2. This chapter follows Saga Anderson and Alex Casey as arrive in Bright Falls to investigate a cult murder.


FBI agents Saga Anderson and Alex Casey are driving towards the Cauldron Lake in Bright Falls to investigate a murder that had recently taken place, while Anderson is on the phone, talking to her daughter, Logan. After finishing her call, Anderson suggest to Casey that the recent murder might be a message for them. Casey suggests her that she should take lead.

Arriving at Cauldron Lake, the agents are greeted by Deputy Mulligan. Mulligan directs them the agents to the crime scene, which is located within fenced area set up by Federal Bureau of Control, where his partner is waiting for them. He also informs them that a couple, Ed and Tammy Booker, had witnessed the incident and were taken to the main town. As Anderson and Casey make their way to the site, Saga decides to analyse the facts of case and compare it with previous murders of a similar nature that have also occurred in the area of Bright Falls.

At the crime scene, the agents are greeted by Deputy Thornton and Saga proceeds to analyse the corpse, whose heart has been removed. Thornton informs the duo that the victim is former FBI Agent Robert Nightingale, who Casey recalls was a disgraced agent who was let go by the FBI. Within her "Mind Place", Anderson deduces that Nightingale was a component in the ritual and that he had come from the lake itself. She and Casey attempt to backtrack the victim's footprints back to the lake, but they are blocked by a large tree. Found within the tree however is a manuscript page talking about them and the investigation they are conducting at that very moment. Saga profiles Nightingale again and deduces that another page can be found within his chest. She and Casey return to the murder scene to inform Thornton to take the body back to Bright Falls for further investigation.

Arriving in the main town of Bright Falls, Anderson and Casey make their way to the Oh Deer Diner to meet Sheriff Tim Breaker and the witnesses of the murder. While Casey talks with Breaker, Saga interviews the Bookers, a couple from New York who had come to Bright Falls to research about the missing author Alan Wake for a book. When Saga asks the couple for the evidence, a reluctant Tammy provides her with a necklace shaped like the markings found at the crime scene. After finishing her interview, Anderson is greeted by Rose Marigold, who claims to her and states that the agent left the Bright Falls area after the death of her daughter, but Saga objects, telling her not only that she does not recognizes her, but also that her daughter Logan is alive and well.

The agents and Breaker leave the Diner and head to the Bright Falls Sheriff Station to inspect the corpse in the morgue. While performing the autopsy, Anderson realizes that some details regarding the cause of death do not add up with the evidence found. Examining the body further, Saga pulls the manuscript page from Nightingale's chest that she had deduced earlier would be there. Upon seeing the page, Breaker claims to have found more manuscript pages like that. As he proceeds to bring them, the lights in the room start to flicker and the sheriff disappears. As the confused agents attempt to understand what had happened, Nightingale's corpse come back to life and begins attacking them and the other deputies. Saga is knocked over and drops her gun. Remembering what the manuscript page said, she realizes that Nightingale cannot see her inside the light, and uses this to her advantage to reach her gun. After repeatedly shooting the reanimated corpse, it disappears, leaving Anderson even more confused.

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