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For the first itiration of Return, see Return Night Springs)


The cover of the book.

Quote1 "A shift in reality. Heavy with hidden meanings." Quote2
― Return

Return is a manuscript Saga Anderson finds pages for within Alan Wake 2, which tells the story of residents around Bright Falls as well as finding her own life becoming entangled within it.


After Alan Wake had begun writing "Return" as a means of escape, after the attempt did not work, he realised he had to create Initiation before he could finally write the real Return manuscript. However upon believing Scratch had written Return as a means for him to escape, Alan scribbled out sections of the manuscript to change the story. It wasn't until he shot a version of himself editing the manuscript that he realised he was the one who had actually written the manuscript.


The following is the blurb found on the back of the copy Alan finds:

Quote1 A genius writer, trapped in a prison of shadows. His struggles to escape only push him deeper in this ocean of darkness. But when a peaceful small town is invaded by the forces of supernatural darkness, the writer breaks free to come to its defence. Living shadows, murderous cultists, and reckless government agents all await him in this maze of blood and horror... Quote2
― Blurb

Manuscript Pages[]

Manuscript Pages can be accessed in the Mind Place at any time. Pages available only in the "Final Draft" mode are denoted with an "*".

Return 1: The Invitation[]

Return 2: The Heart[]

Return 3: Local Girl[]

Return 4: No Chance[]

No pages are found within this chapter.

Return 5: Old Gods[]

Return 6: Scratch[]

Return 7: Summoning[]

Return 8: Deerfest[]

No pages are found within this chapter.

Return 9: Come Home[]


  • On transcripts, typed words are unaltered while written edits are italicized.
  • After Initiation 8: Zane's Film, it's revelated that Scratch typed out the pages, while Alan Wake made the pen edits.
  • As of Update 1.15, Saga's Mind Place lists Return 1: Invitation as containing 6 pages, rather than 5. The extra page has yet to be found, and is not mentioned in the patch notes.
    • In the game files, the "Title Page of Return" (similarly to The Title Page of the Manuscript from Alan Wake) is set up as a collectible manuscript but does not appear to be used in-game. It is possible, but not confirmed, that this page is considered part of the Return 1: Invitation pages despite being unused.