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The Remedy Connected Universe is a shared fictional universe created by Remedy Entertainment. Within the Remedy Connected Universe, standalone video games belong to a larger fictional universe and share elements of lore, characters and story.

While hints of the Remedy Connected Universe have existed for more than a decade, its official existence was not confirmed until August 7, 2020. Control's Expansion 2: AWE was the first formal crossover event in the Remedy Extended Universe, connecting the video games Control and Alan Wake.

The Remedy Connected Universe is known to include Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Control and Alan Wake 2. The official status of Remedy Entertainment's other games, Death Rally, Max Payne and Quantum Break is that they do not exist within the same universe.


Connections between video games by Remedy Entertainment have existed for more than ten years. The most prominent connections began with 2010's Alan Wake, which featured significant references to the Max Payne games released in the early 2000s. Alan Wake and its larger universe also included some of the very earliest references to Control, including the mention of Ordinary, the Federal Bureau of Control, and Altered World Events. Several characters mentioned or appearing in Control were first alluded to in Alan Wake.

2016's Quantum Break furthered connections between Remedy's games, including multiple direct Alan Wake references, and further allusions and connections to Control. The release of Control in 2019 elevated these references from mere Easter eggs to the status of a shared canon, including documents confirming that the Federal Bureau of Control was connected to the events that occurred in Alan Wake.

In August 2020, the trailer for Control's second DLC, Expansion 2: AWE, was released, featuring Alan Wake and the Dark Presence from Alan Wake. Shortly thereafter, Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy Entertainment, confirmed the existence of the Remedy Connected Universe in an article and also that Expansion 2: AWE was the first crossover event in this shared universe.

Lake also confirmed that the next game to be released by Remedy Entertainment will also exist in this shared universe.

Confirmed Games[]

Alan Wake[]

Alan Wake was the first game to set up the universe as a baseline, though a connected universe was not intended at the time. The game left many mysteries unanswered, and Remedy had initially planned to make an Alan Wake 2 not long after the release of the first name, but Microsoft, who owned the rights for the game, were not too keen.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

Alan Wake's American Nightmare, while not completely essential to the overall story, is the second game in the Remedy Connected Universe. Released as a sort of semi-sequel, it follows Alan as he tries to escape the Dark Place, and uses ideas established in the first game to try and break out. This was the first game to mention the town called "Ordinary", which became a common theme in later media.


Control is one of the most significant entries in the Remedy Connected Universe, due to contextualizing the events of Alan Wake within a larger universe with established rules, metaphysics, and larger organizations. While various references were made in the base game, it wasn't until the second downloadable content, titled AWE that Control and Alan Wake were confirmed to share the same universe, with Alan Wake himself appearing in-game and giving various updates to some of the first game's characters.

Alan Wake 2[]

Alan Wake 2 was the next game in the RCU, and fully embraced the connections between the Federal Bureau of Control and the events within Bright Falls. Set 13 years after the first game, it follows Saga Anderson as she, alongside Alex Casey investigate cult murders that have occurred since the events of Alan Wake. For Alan, after being trapped in the Dark Place for the same amount of time, he continues to try and finally break out of his dark prison.

Confirmed Not Connected[]

Death Rally[]

A handful of references to one of Remedy's first games, Death Rally can be found mostly in the Alan Wake games, with various posters and even an arcade machine that can be seen playing the game. However as far as connectivity goes, Death Rally merely appears to be media that exists as an actual game in the universe, not that it's connected to the overall story.

Max Payne Series[]

The status of Max Payne in the Remedy Connected Universe is unclear, specifically the first two games, Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne which Remedy made before the franchise was acquired by Rockstar Games. Many Max Payne references are made in Alan Wake. In one of his dialogues with Jesse Faden, her brother, Dylan Faden, implies that Max Payne exists in a separate parallel universe from Alan Wake and Control, a world possibly influenced by the writings of Alan Wake.

In an interview with Sam Lake in 2023, he confirmed that Max Payne was not officially part of the Remedy Connected Universe.

Quantum Break[]

Quantum Break was another game released under Microsoft instead of an Alan Wake sequel, however the game came with various references to Alan Wake, including one mentioning Night Springs, a television show seen across all games. One notable reference was a whiteboard which contains a ton of unanswered questions surrounding his disappearance. It is also the first time the acronym "AWE" (Altered World Event) is mentioned , which is later noted in the next game in the series.

In an interview with Sam Lake in 2023, he confirmed that Quantum Break was not officially part of the Remedy Connected Universe.

Other media[]

Bright Falls[]

Bright Falls is a mini-series prequel to Alan Wake that was debuted around April 2010. The series was co-written and directed by Phillip Van, and focused on Jake Fischer, a reporter who stayed in Bright Falls shortly before Alan and Alice. The series establishes the state of the town before Alan began to influence it and the dark forces behind it with his writing.

  • Before shooting the series, Phillip Van captured and directed a lot of landscape and atmospheric shots as a moot piece for the tone of the series. The video can be found in his official website.

This House of Dreams[]

This House of Dreams is a blog which was published throughout 2012, confirmed later that year by Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment to be connected to Alan Wake. It details strange occurrences in the life of a woman named Samantha after she moves to Ordinary, Maine, with mentions to the poetry of Thomas Zane, other events from Alan Wake, and a mysterious shoebox.

  • Control directly mentions these events on a whiteboard in Central Research, which gives the blog author's full name as Samantha Wells and further indicates that the FBC was alerted by her blog's contents and took the shoebox from her house, though they later lost it and it ended up back in Wells' hands.
  • Interestingly, in This House of Dreams, Samantha mentions being visited by a federal agent from the "AWE" rather than the FBC as would be indicated in Control.


Quantum Break[]

For a full list of references found in the Alan Wake franchise, see References to the Remedy Connected Universe.