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This page lists the references found in the Alan Wake franchise to the other games in the Remedy Connected Universe.

Although at this time, officially only the Control and Alan Wake franchises are part of RCU primarily due to rights issues, other Remedy games may unofficially be considered part of Remedy's multiverse, in spirit if not in fact.

Death Rally (1996)[]

Alan Wake's American Nightmare
  • A Death Rally arcade cabinet can be found in the projection booth at the Drive-In Theater.
Alan Wake II
  • Death Rally contains a character called "True Tom Rhymer." Just as Thomas Zane has a number of other identities -- Tom the Poet, the Diver -- True Tom Rhymer may be another version of Zane.
  • A Death Rally arcade cabinet can be found in Bright Falls, in room 105 of the Elderwood Palace Lodge.
Alan Wake II - Expansion 1: Night Springs

Max Payne (2001)[]

Max Payne and Max Payne 2 (2003) are owned by Rockstar Games, and thus are not, strictly speaking, part of the Remedyverse.

Alan Wake
  • Alan Wake's fictional character, the hardboiled New York City detective Alex Casey, bears a suspicious resemblance to hardboiled New York City detective Max Payne.
  • Wake's NYC apartment bookcase contains two golden handguns, echoing the twin handguns frequently wielded by Payne.
  • Casey's book covers designed by Alice Wake have a distinct black-and-white motif with a splash of red as a highlight, which resembles the box art for the Max Payne games.
  • The final line in The Sudden Stop 2 collectible is "Honey, I'm home," a line also spoken in the Max Payne prologue.
  • The fourth Casey book is "The Things That I Want," also the title for Max Payne 2's Part 2, Chapter 1.
  • The fifth Casey book is "The Fall of Casey," paralleling Max Payne 2's subtitle, The Fall of Max Payne.
Alan Wake - Special 1: The Signal
  • Shortly after retrieving his flashlight and pistol, if Alan looks in the far left bathroom stall, you will see a "Mirra was here" graffiti, referencing John Mirra from the Address Unknown show found throughout Max Payne 1 and 2.
This House of Dreams
  • Of the numerous papers Samantha discovers belonging to Thomas Zane, one of the papers has the "House of Mirrors" poem credited to Pool from Address Unknown hand-written on it.
'Alan Wake II
  • Both Casey and Payne are visually represented by Sam Lake.
  • Alan's journey through the Dark Place version of New York, trying to stop Mr. Scratch, echoes the mystery show Address Unknown shown on televisions throughout Max Payne, where the protagonist John tries to stop his evil duplicate "John Mirra" (John Mirror) in Noir York City.

Quantum Break (2016)[]

Quantum Break is owned by Microsoft, and thus is not, strictly speaking, part of the Remedyverse. Remedy has made attempts to retrieve the rights, but have thus far been rebuffed.

Alan Wake II
  • Sheriff Tim Breaker is portrayed by Shawn Ashmore, who also played Quantum Break protagonist Jack Joyce.
  • Alan Wake visits the talk show "In Between With Mr. Door." The phrase "I stand in between" appears in the Untitled Note in Quantum Break.
  • Each time Alan Wake encounters Sheriff Breaker in the Dark Place, his white board gets more elaborate. He's looking for Warlin Door, remembers something about polyhedrons, and recalls people who are "the same, but different," such as a red-headed woman. This describes Quantum Break: Joyce was dealing with Martin Hatch, spent much time trying to retrieve a dodecahedral countermeasure, and fell in love with a redheaded woman named Beth Wilder.
    • Breaker tells Wake that he has vivid dreams: "I'm often someone else. A different person with a different name living a different life in a different world. Alternate realities, maybe." All of this could be lampshading his role as Joyce, or it could be setting up the Time Breaker episode below.
    • Upon the second visit, the whiteboard gains the text "door, gate, portal, port, opening, access, window." This hints at Quantum Break's Untitled Note, where Martin writes "I don't see myself as a gate. I remain humble. I'm something smaller. A hatch."
Alan Wake II - Expansion 1: Night Springs
  • The third episode, Time Breaker, riffs on Sheriff Breaker's name, and also describes Jack Joyce.
  • Some of The Actor's first words are "I'll come back for you," a line repeated several more times in the Episode, usually in the context of coming back for the red-headed woman. This is the final line from Quantum Break, a promise from Jack Joyce to Beth Wilder.
  • When The Actor first jumps to another dimension, he (of course) finds a whiteboard, where his counterpart has listed a number of possible names for the red-headed woman: Elisabet, Elisa, Lisa, Liz. These are all variations of the name Elizabeth, with one notable exception: Beth. The name "Savage" also appears, a synonym for Wild. Thus: Beth Wilder.
  • REC Agent Branch may be a reference to Quantum Break's Junction Points, specific focal points of the game's branching narrative structure.
  • The Actor needs Shifter Energy Nodes -- glowing polyhedrons -- in order to power his Polyhedron Reality Shifter, which may be a reference to Quantum Break's dodecahedral countermeasure, as mentioned above.
  • The interior of the Ripple Effect Corporation's building resembles some parts of the interior of Monarch Solutions' headquarters.
  • The redheaded Agent from the REC describes some of her own multiversal dopplegangers, and mentions one where she was "killed in an explosion of dangerous energy," echoing Beth Wilder's fate.
  • The REC's legends about Door -- that he entered a cave and was granted access to all realities simultaneously -- is nearly identical to Hatch's history as recounted in the Untitled Note.
  • In the final reality The Actor visits, one of the branches has him meeting a version of his red-headed woman who calls herself "Jesbet" -- a combination of Jesse and Beth, the two characters portrayed by Courtney Hope.

Control (2019)[]

Alan Wake
This House of Dreams
  • The March 14th entry, Shoebox Dream, is the Remedyverse's first appearance of government agents with AWE on their badges, although Samantha only sees them in a dream, after which her shoebox disappears. At the time the blog was published, Remedy was still calling them the "Bureau of Altered World Events." We can later see on a whiteboard in the Oldest House during Control that the FBC did, in fact, retrieve the shoebox from Samantha.
Alan Wake II
  • The FBC has a profound impact, appearing throughout the game, operating out of Dr. Hartman's old Cauldron Lake Lodge.
  • An FBC "weather station" observing Cauldron Lake appears to be displaying the same warning that was shown on screens at the Oldest House at the end of the AWE expansion.
  • Oldest House janitor Ahti went on vacation to Watery during Control. He appears often throughout Watery and even in the Dark Place. Water spilled from a janitor's bucket is the catalyst for switching back and forth between Alan and Saga.
  • "Mr. Door" is first mentioned in the Remedyverse from Dylan Faden recounting a dream he had.
  • The FBC's former Head of Research, Dr. Casper Darling seems to have authored a book, "My Interpretation of Many Worlds," which can be found in Alan's dressing room at Mr. Door's show. Darling later seems to have found his way into the Dark Place, and has even noted hearing a voice strangely similar to his own -- a meta-joke about how actor Matthew Porretta plays both Dr. Darling and Alan Wake.
  • The Dark Place contains the Oceanview Hotel, likely another incarnation of the Oceanview Motel & Casino used by FBC agents. Most of the same symbols appear on the door. The Oceanview Hotel is located at "3 Cord St," a reference to how FBC agents pull a light switch cord three times to find themselves taken to the Motel.
  • When Wake and Zane meet each other in the Hotel's Room 665, the actions and lines that play out are almost identical to a scene witnessed by Jesse as she was traveling through the Motel through a crack in the spiral symbol door. Jesse and Darling both briefly appear on a TV in the room, causing Zane to panic that "they've found us!"
  • The Cult of the Tree based their symbol on the symbol of the FBC.
Alan Wake II - Expansion 1: Night Springs
  • The second episode, North Star, stars "The Sibling," a version of Jesse Faden. (The name of the North Star is "Polaris," the name Jesse uses for her resonance-base alien companion). In this story, the Sibling is led to Coffee World instead of the Oldest House. Many of her opening lines and the camera framing duplicate the introduction to Control.
    • The Sibling deals with the conspiracy of "Dark Triangle Coffee," a reference to the FBC's "Board," a black pyramid.
    • The Sibling is looking for her brother, although in this version of events, her brother is Alan Wake.
  • The third episode, Time Breaker, features The Agent, a version of Jesse Faden, who works for the Ripple Effect Corporation, housed in a brutalist skyscraper in Night Springs City, paralleling the Oldest House, the headquarters of the FBC.
    • In the first dimension visited by The Actor, he finds a whiteboard with a number of different potential names for the red-headed woman he knows: this list includes both Jesse and Dylan.
    • The same whiteboard makes reference to Dr. Darling's Many Worlds book.
    • In the final timeline visited by The Actor, one of the branches indicates that the Agent owns a shapeshifting gun, a reference to Faden's Service Weapon.
    • In the final reality The Actor visits, one of the branches has him meeting a version of his red-headed woman who calls herself "Jesbet" -- a combination of Jesse and Beth, the two characters portrayed by Courtney Hope.

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