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Quote1 I had to get to the lighthouse, I knew there was something important waiting for me there. Quote2
― Alan Wake, Episode 1: Nightmare

Rain Cove Point Lighthouse is a building located in Rain Cove Point, Washington. The lighthouse appears on Alan Wake and Clay Steward's shared nightmare, where it plays a crucial role.


Episode One: Nightmare[]

During his journey to Bright Falls, Alan Wake falls asleep an experiences a recurring nightmare in which he found himself driving towards the lighthouse. As he described, the entire world was being taken over by a dark force and the lighthouse was the last safe place on Earth.

After Alan faces the possessed hitchhiker and reaches the road leading to the lighthouse, a dark tornado appears and chases the writer. Alan manages to enter the lighthouse, but the light shuts down and he is left at the mercy of the dark presence.

Special Two: The Writer[]

After Alan is trapped on Dark Place and loses his sanity, the rational part of himself, guided by Thomas Zane, makes his way through the surreal environment, trying to reach his irrational self on the Bird Leg Cabin. Wake is told by Zane that in order to find his way to the cabin, he must first reach lighthouse.

During his journey, the irrational Alan shuts the lights of the lighthouse down, but the rational Alan eventually manages to ignite it once again. In response, his irrational counterpart sends hordes of taken after him. Using the light of the lighthouse in his favor, Wake eliminates them and is finally able to reach his goal. Once inside, Alan climbs to the top and is transported to the cabin.


The building is composed of two main brick-built structures: a small room, and the lighthouse tower. Both of them are connected by a small corridor. A spiral set of stairs leads to the lantern room on the top of the tower.

Behind Scenes[]

  • The lighthouse's appearance was based in the real-life North Head Lighthouse located in Ilwaco, WA.
  • The Lighthouse was originally going to play an important role to the plot. However, the idea was ultimately scrapped and the building was limited to the tutorial section before returning once again in The Writer special episode, where it serves as both a destination and a gameplay mechanic.
    • The lighthouse was originally used in a sequence of events that had Alan chasing after Rusty, who was being attacked by the Dark Presence. He would eventually drive to the lighthouse after Rusty died at Stucky's Gas Station only to be attacked by a tornado. Some of these scenes can be seen in the E3 2009 trailer.[1]
    • The lighthouse was also planned to be featured during an episode in which Alan and Barry would fly to Rain Cove Point in a plane in order to reach the lighthouse.



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