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Rain Cove Point is a place located north of the towns of Bright Falls and Watery in Washington, which served as the setting of Alan Wake and Clay Steward's shared recurring nightmares.[1]


According to Sarah Breaker, an Army base located at Rain Cove Point was active during the Second World War. The personnel of the base also built a fortified chamber within the Bright Falls Dam.[2]

Episode 1: Nightmare[]

While traveling to Bright Falls alongside his wife Alice, Alan Wake falls asleep and experiences one of his recurring nightmares. On it, Alan found himself driving towards the lighthouse, feeling that something important awaited for him there, but in his rush, he hits a hitchhiker with his car, seemingly killing him. After stepping out of the car to check the body, the lights of the vehicle go out and the hitchhiker's corpse disappears.

As Alan continues to the lighthouse on foot, making his way through the forest, the hitchhiker is taken over by a dark presence and attacks him, before transforming into a tornado. Alan runs towards a nearby cabin, where he meets Clay Steward. Steward tells Wake to enter the cabin, but before he can join him, the front door closes, trapping Alan inside and locking Clay out. Steward tries to defend himself, but the hitchhiker merciless kills him with his axe.

As the cabin begins to tremble, a mysterious light dissolves one of the walls, allowing Alan to escape. After guiding him to safety, the light provides Alan with a flashlight and a gun, and teaches him how to defeat the hitchhiker, before departing. Alan continues towards the lighthouse, battling copies of the hitchhiker, and reaches a road leading to his destination. Another tornado appears and chases Wake towards the lighthouse. Alan manages to enter the house and shuts door, but the light turns off, allowing the Dark Presence to attack him.[3]


  • Clay Steward suggested that the lighthouse had significance in Departure due to the motif appearing in Alan's earlier work, Errand Boy.

Behind Scenes[]

  • The lighthouse was originally going to be a key location in Alan Wake, but Remedy Entertainment scrapped the idea for the final game. However it was brought back in The Writer DLC, now serving as the main destination and acting as a key gameplay mechanic against the Taken.