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Rain Cove Point is a location appearing in Alan Wake.


In Episode 1: Nightmare Alan has a dream that he has to go to a lighthouse for some reason. While driving he hits a hitchhiker. He steps out of the car and checks the body. The lights go out in the car. Alan looks at the car, then looks at the hitchhiker's body. It's gone. Alan then has to make it to the lighthouse on foot. Now the hitchhiker is chasing him, trying to kill him. After a while of chasing Alan, the hitchhiker transforms into a tornado. Alan runs across a rope bridge and gets to the other side, where he meets Clay Steward. Clay tells him to get in the cabin. The front door closes and locks, locking Clay out and Alan in. The hitchhiker then appears and kills Clay. The cabin Alan is in is than hit with what feels like an earthquake. A light dissolves one wall letting Alan escape. The light tells him a poem and trains Alan, then leaves. Now his focus is on the lighthouse and he battles copies of the hitchhiker a few times, then makes it onto a road that leads to the lighthouse. A tornado appears at the end of the road and chases Wake towards the lighthouse. Alan runs inside and is now safe. He enters the spiral staircase area and looks up at the light. Suddenly, the light turns off and something comes rushing from the top of the lighthouse. As soon as he gets hit with whatever it is he wakes up from the dream.


  • Clay Steward implied that the lighthouse had significance in Departure due to the motif appearing in Alan's earlier work, Errand Boy.
  • Despite the location being part of Alan's dream, Rain Cove Point is a real location in Bright Falls.
  • The lighthouse was going to be very important in the game but Remedy Entertainment scrapped this for the final game. However, it makes an appearance in The Writer DLC, where it is also a destination and acts as a key gameplay mechanic against the Taken.
  • In Episode 5: The Clicker, Sarah Breaker said that the Marines that occupied the nearby army bunker moved to the Bright Falls Dam.