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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Radio Shows are a type of collectible found in Alan Wake. They are fragments of Pat Maine's radio show on KBF-FM, which can be collected by turning on their respective radios (it is not necessary, however, to fully hear a radio show in order to collect it). After unlocking a radio show, it will become available in the main menu. There is a total of the 11 radio shows that can be heard and collected through the game.


Episode 1: Nightmare[]

# Image Name Section Location
1 A Famous Deerfest Guest Welcome to Bright Falls On the back porch of the Bird Leg Cabin, on Diver's Isle.
2 Have You Seen This Dog? Waking up to a Nightmare Inside a hut, on the far side of the second Biltmore logging camp.

Episode 2: Taken[]

# Image Name Section Location
3 Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting Bright Falls Sheriff Station On the back of the Wahlberg warehouse loading dock, behind the Bright Falls Sheriff Station.
4 Doc Nelson's Deerfest Plans Elderwood National Park On the first cabin from the hilltop summit on the path leading the Elderwood Visitor Center.

Episode 3: Ransom[]

# Image Name Section Location
5 Snyder's Feeling the Pressure On the Run On the back porch of a trailer located near Rose Marigold's trailer.
6 Peabody Heard Gunfire On a safe haven located near a small bridge.
7 Lorna Miles, Humanitarian Automatically obtained when reaching the KBF-FM Radio Station.
8 Maine's Anger Mirror Peak On a small abandoned shack located next to the broken bridge on the road leading to the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum.
9 A Conversation About Love Inside the ranger station located above the Bright Falls Coal Mine Museum.

Episode 4: The Truth[]

# Image Name Section Location
10 A Missing Persons Alert The Anderson Farm Inside a ranger station located on the road leading to the Anderson Farm.
11 Mulligan and Thornton Bicker On the fifth floor of the storage silo on the Anderson Farm.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

  • While not counted as a collectible, a radio can be turned on, which will have Pat Maine talking about Poets of the Fall before playing their single, "War".


  • Despite not being related to them nor count towards the KBF-FM achievement, Doctor Emil Hartman's recordings are listed alongside the radio shows on the main menu. Collecting all these recordings will unlock the Medical Opinions achievement.
  • "Lorna Miles, Humanitarian" and the radio show featuring "War" in Episode 5 are not required for the KBF-FM achievement either for not being fully collectible radio shows in the game.
  • There is a conversation between Mulligan, Thornton and Janes in Episode 2 which can be heard by interacting with the communication equipment at the Sharrif Station. It isn't considered as a radio show and therefore also doesn't count towards the KBF-FM achivement.