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Radio Shows in Alan Wake are a form of collectible, they are "collected" when a radio is turned on and the radio show specific to that radio is played. They are only found in the first four episodes and collecting a certain 11 of the 11 radio shows unlocks the achievement KBF-FM.


Episode 1: Nightmare

  • A Famous Deerfest Guest - Found at Bird Leg Cabin, head through the front door and out the back towards the pier, the radio will be on the floor of the porch.
  • Have You Seen This Dog? - Found after traversing the crane of logs, in a hut next to a safe haven on the trail.

Episode 2: Taken

  • Deerfest Floats Are Very Exciting - Found in the sheriff station parking lot after passing through the cell wing, after exiting the cell wing, the radio will be directly across on a raised platform with a ramp.
  • Doc Nelson's Deerfest Plans - Found in one of the huts (the first hut) heading down from Barry Wheeler to the Elderwood Visitor Center, it will be on a table right in front of the entrance.

Episode 3: Ransom

  • Snyder's Feeling the Pressure - After exiting Rose's trailer, on the left is the wrecked boat, looking right of it will be some steps to another trailer, the radio is sitting at the top of those steps.
  • Peabody Heard Gunfire - Soon after acquiring the flashbangs, there will be a safe haven with a table next to it full of flashbangs and the radio.
  • Lorna Miles, Humanitarian - This is played as you enter the KBF-FM building, as you can overhear Pat Maine on his shift.
  • Maine's Anger - After the sun has risen, make your way to the broken bridge, when you eventually find your way to the other side as there is a storage hut there, the radio is inside.
  • A Conversation About Love - Further down the road, you will come across a tower on the right, head up the stairs to the top of the tower and the radio will be inside its room.

Episode 4: The Truth

  • A Missing Persons Alert - After killing Danny, take the blue pickup truck and drive down the dirt road, do not turn right at the junction, but keep continuing until you see an orange sports car parked on the right of the road, as steps to a tower are nearby, head up to its room and the radio is on a table inside.
  • Mulligan and Thornton Bicker - After the barn with the viking boat, you'll be in the silo, head up to the top via the stairs, then climb the ladder, the radio will be on a desk in that room.

Episode 5: The Clicker

  • Though not an official radio you collect, you can hear Pat Maine talking about Poets of the Fall and how they sound just like the Old Gods of Asgard. He then goes and plays their "latest single" called War.


  • KBF-FM (30G) - Find 11 specific radio shows throughout the game.


  • Hartman's recordings are listed alongside the radio shows on the main menu, but are not related to them nor count towards the KBF-FM achievement. Instead, you earn the Medical Opinions achievement.
  • The radio show with Lorna Miles in Episode 3 and the one featuring 'War in Episode 5 do not count towards the KBF-FM achievement either for not being fully collectible radio shows in the game.