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Dr. Rachel Meadows is a character who appears in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


Not much is known of Rachel except she works at the Mount Redtooth National Observatory.

Events of Alan Wake's American Nightmare[]

When she encounters Alan Wake, she asks him to help her fix the telescope. It overheats and Alan must turn on all three coolers to fix it. Once he finishes this task, Dr. Meadows tells him to meet her upstairs and she prints out an incomplete code in which he takes. Mr. Scratch then sends Alan back through a time loop, which then he must repeat his actions. Dr. Rachel Meadows has a case of déjà vu as she goes through the same events again. This time, the second part of the code is printed out, but once again, Mr. Scratch pulls Alan back through the time loop. After the third time, the last part of the code is printed out, and Alan continues on with his journey to defeat Mr. Scratch.


The Alan first meets Dr. Meadows after he enters the Mount Redtooth National Observatory. She is seen wearing a lab coat over an evening dress.


  • Throughout the entirety of the game, Rachel will have her left arm up for some strange reason. It is probably a habit of hers.
  • As mentioned in a manuscript page, the reason for her being in an evening dress is because she had rushed to the observatory from a party. She left because her assistant told her something interesting was happening in the sky. She always puts work first. Unfortunately, her assistant never makes it and Alan finds him dead in one of the motel rooms. She will also mention it herself if Alan continues to talk with her after their first conversation.