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QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are a type of matrix bar code. You scan them with a compatible device and they will take you to a certain piece of content. While Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 did not have these codes, Remedy Entertainment decided to add them within the PC version of the game as easter eggs. Below are the QR codes you can find in the game, where they can be found, and where they lead you.

Episode 1: Nightmare


Episode 2: Taken

  • Location: On the wall of Alan's Apartment in his study room.
  • Result: A phrase that reads "Huh. Turns out this isn't too bad even if you're not sitting on a couch when you play it. Who knew!"
    • It is a reference to Microsoft[1] and Remedy[2] statement regarding a PC version of Alan Wake.
  • Also found in Episode 6 in the same spot.

Episode 4: The Truth