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Psycho Thriller Page 1

Cover art of the comic

Psycho Thriller is a comic book, released in 2011, set after the events of the first game, Alan Wake. Written by Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti, it follows Emil Hartman one day after the events of Episode 4: The Truth, where the Cauldron Lake Lodge was attacked by the Dark Presence. In the comic, Hartman and Nurse Sinclair are pursued by a Taken Ben Mott.


It's revealed that the events of the comic are an excerpt of Departure, a manuscript written by Alan Wake, and therefore the events have been written into real world existence.

After the events of Episode 4: The Truth, Emil Hartman spent a full day locked inside his office unconscious at the Cauldron Lake Lodge. Upon exiting the lodge, he encounters Nurse Sinclair being attacked by Ben Mott who has been turned into a Taken. Hartman uses a flashlight to ward off Mott, saving Sinclair in the process.

Hartman and Sinclair trudge through the ruins of the Cauldron Lake Lodge, where in one the rooms they encounter one of the residents, Rudolf Lane, who has spent the past day frantically painting. Hartman requests that Sinclair try to pull Rudolf away from his painting, only for Mott to crash through the window, seemingly killing Rudolf while Hartman and Sinclair escape. The two barricade the door, and as Mott tries to break in, a police car pulls up at the lodge, scaring away Mott. Outside the lodge, Hartman and Sinclair meet with Deputy Mulligan and Deputy Thornton. Hartman requests their help, and they conduct a plan to try and defeat Mott.

Near the sundial, Hartman stands alone waiting for Mott to arrive, who eventually comes crashing through the window. Hartman tries to calm down a frantic and confused Mott, saying he is proud of him for all the work Mott did for him. Hartman then throws a flare at Mott, and orders the deputies to fire on him, where Mott's body is destroyed in the process.

The deputies then state they have questions for Hartman, but Hartman refuses to answer them. Mulligan and Thornton then take Sinclair home while Hartman stays behind at the lodge to pack his things. He speaks to an unknown person on his phone where he says he has "reconsidered" their offer. In some of his final notes, he mentions how he knew Tom and misses him.


  • This comic, while made in 2011, was released digitally alongside other bonus materials on PC in December 2013.
  • On page 18, the deputy dressed in brown refers to the deputy dressed in blue as Mulligan. This contradicts pages 17 and 22, in which the brown-suited deputy is called Mulligan and the blue-suited deputy is called Thornton. It can be assumed that page 18's description is an error, as the latter description seems to fit more with Mulligan's and Thornton's appearances in other works of the Alan Wake franchise.