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Quote1 This is not the story I hoped it would be. This is not the ending I wanted. This story will eat us alive. This story is a monster. And monsters wear many faces. Quote2
― Alan, beginning narration

The Cult is the prologue chapter of Alan Wake 2. It explores the beginning of the game with Robert Nightingale as he washes onto the shores of Cauldron Lake.


Alan Wake begins with a narration that sometimes it's better to live with the hope of a story instead of knowing the story itself, and that the story going forward is not what he hoped it would be.

On the shores of Cauldron Lake, former FBI agent Robert Nightingale emerges from the lake while a married couple, Ed and Tammy Booker, watches from afar. As Nightingale staggers through the forest, he is captured by a group of people wearing deer masks who refer to themselves as the "Cult of the Tree". The cult straps Nightingale to a table and proceed to tear out his heart as part of a ritualistic murder when suddenly they are interrupted as the Bookers arrive to the scene, horrified. The cult pursues the couple, leaving Nightingale and his torn heart behind.