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Below are the polls created for the Alan Wake wiki. You may still vote in them just for fun, but the final results below them still stand.


Results for Poll of January (Should Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Max Payne and even Death Rally be considered as part of the same Universe?)
3rd Place: Yes (5 votes)
2nd Place: Maybe, if the connections were right (19 votes)
1st Place: No (42 votes)


Results for Poll of February (What should Alan Wake 2 be known as?)
3rd Place: Alan Wake: [insert dramatic title here] (17 votes)
2nd Place: Alan Wake 2 (19 votes)
1st Place: Alan Wake: Season Two (39 votes)


Results for Poll of March (Which Alan Wake DLC told a better story?)
3rd Place: The Siginal (4 votes)
2nd Place: American Nightmare (6 votes)
1st Place: The Writer (29 votes)


Results for Poll of April (Which should Alan Wake be adapted into; a live-action TV show, a live-action Movie or a live-action Internet series?)
3rd Place: Internet Series (5 votes)
2nd Place: Movie (7 votes)
1st Place: TV Show (62 votes)


Results for Poll of May (Out of the following female characters, who would you be more sad to see become a Taken (even though we haven't seen female Taken yet))
3rd Place: Sarah Breaker (6 votes)
2nd Place: Deputy Grant (9 votes)
1st Place: Alice Wake (28 votes)


Results for Poll of June (Should Poets of the Fall songs be featured more, less or about the same in future Remedy games?)
3rd Place: Less (4 votes)
2nd Place: About the Same (7 votes)
1st Place: More (38 votes)


Results for Poll of July (What was the worst thing about Alan Wake out of the following?)
3rd Place: Losing your weapons at points in the game (10 votes)
2nd Place: The insane amount of collectables (13 votes)
1st Place: How far Alan could sprint (47 votes)


Results for Poll of August (Remedy's next game, Quantum Break, was demoed at GamesCom this month. How has the demo affected your decision on buying the game?)
3rd Place: I was never going to buy it (5 votes)
2nd Place: Was going to buy it Day 1, and I still will (8 votes)
1st Place: Still going to buy it, but sometime after it releases (13 votes)


Results for Poll of September (In Alan Wake 2, what would you like Remedy to explore into Alan's life the most?)
3rd Place: His relationship with Barry (4 votes)
2nd Place: His childhood (10 votes)
1st Place: His future (39 votes)


Results for Poll of October (You're locked in a room with one door on Halloween. And there are dozens of Taken trying to get in through that very door. Who would be your best companion to live or die with (apart from Alan)?)
3rd Place: Tor/Odin Anderson (8 votes)
2nd Place: Sarah Breaker (17 votes)
1st Place: Barry Wheeler (26 votes)


Results for Poll of November (Your partner wishes to visit Bright Falls on vacation. You read a brochure about it, and it peaks your interest. What inside it gets you most interested in going?)
3rd Place: Deerfest/Hunting (10 votes)
2nd Place: Cauldron Lake (12 votes)
1st Place: The Endless Forests (21 votes)


Results for Poll of December (Out of the following, what would you like/did you want for Christmas? ) 3rd Place: Flashlight (9 votes) 2nd Place: Coffee (11 votes) 1st Place: Departure (manuscript) (81 votes)