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Below are the polls created for the Alan Wake wiki. You may still vote in them just for fun, but the final results below them still stand.


Results for Poll of January (Given the choice of picking a side and their benefits, whose side would you be on?)
2nd Place: Darkness (12 votes)
1st Place: Light (81 votes)


Results for Poll of February (What would you like to see included in Alan Wake 2 the most?)
3rd Place: A Mode Where you Play the Taken (14 votes)
2nd Place: Co-Op Campaign (29 votes)
1st Place: Open World (108 votes)


Results for Poll of March (If there was another live action mini-series for Alan Wake, what would you like it to be about out of these choices?)
3rd Place: Alan's battle through The Dark Place (12 votes)
2nd Place: Alice's story after she was saved in "Departure" (16 votes)
1st Place: Samantha's story from "This House of Dreams" (27 votes)


Results for Poll of April (How would you like Alan Wake 2 to be announced?)
3rd Place: During a Television Show & A Tweet/Facebook Post by Remedy (3 votes)
2nd Place: An Official Press Release with a Trailer Outside Media Events (14 votes)
1st Place: At E3 2013 (51 votes)


Results for Poll of May (Should Alan Wake find its way onto the Playstation market?)
2nd Place: No (64 votes)
1st Place: Yes (115 votes)


Results for Poll of June (Are you disappointed that Alan Wake 2 isn't Remedy's next game?)
3rd Place: I have no opinion (14 votes)
2nd Place: Yes, but I can't wait for Quantum Break (48 votes)
1st Place: Yes, extremely disappointed; shame on Remedy (93 votes)


Results for Poll of July (What do you think will happen to Agent Nightingale in the next Alan Wake game?)
3rd Place: He will still be himself, just held hostage (6 votes)
2nd Place: He probably won't even be in the next game (25 votes)
1st Place: He will be the new face of the Dark Presence (59 votes)


Results for Poll of August (Should they return in Alan Wake 2, which character (other than Alan) wouldn't you mind being killed off?)
3rd Place: Rose Marigold (3 votes)
2nd Place: Sarah Breaker (4 votes)
1st Place: Robert Nightingale (54 votes)


Results for Poll of September (It's the time of year where kids return to school. Unfortunately, you are one of those kids. The first chance you get, what do you do?)
3rd Place: Create chaos in the school (Robert) (5 votes)
2nd Place: Start a Rock band (Tor and Odin) and Talk to your best friend about Lord of the Rings (Barry) (7 votes)
1st Place: Go to the library and read Stephen King (Alan) (24 votes)


Results for Poll of October (A Taken has just broken through your door on Halloween night and you have no source of light... at all. What do you do?)
3rd Place: Hide and hope it doesn't find me (3 votes)
2nd Place: Grab the first possible weapon and attack (4 votes)
1st Place: Run like hell (59 votes)


Results for Poll of November (What is the best Old Gods of Asgard/Poets of the Fall song from the Alan Wake games?)
3rd Place: Children of the Elder God (6 votes)
2nd Place: War (10 votes)
1st Place: The Poet and the Muse (17 votes)


Results for Poll of December (Will you be buying Quantum Break, Remedy's next game?)
3rd Place: Yes, day 1 on Xbox One (9 votes)
2nd Place: Yes, but sometime after release on Xbox One (13 votes)
1st Place: Yes, if it comes to other platforms (PC/PS4/Wii U) (42 votes)