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But here I was, the yet unwritten future waiting to unfold before me.
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Poison Pill Entertainment is a computer game developer founded in 1995 and based in Night Springs City.

They were making a "Time Breaker" game, directed by The Director, "Sam," and starring The Actor, "Shawn." Sam was excited to have brought Shawn back for this new game, which used full motion video segments, just like "the previous game."

The game had an elaborate backstory using lots of acronyms. Shawn portrayed an Agent of the REC (Ripple Effect Corporation), wielding a PRS (Polyhedron Reality Shifter), powered by a SEN (Shifter Energy Node), which would activate a Lumivista TV to slide between realities. He was armed with a gun and a TBS (Time Break Solidifier). The Agent was planned to eventually become the ultimate iconic super-hero. Different versions of the Agent in different realities have different names: Breaker, Branch, and others.

The Agent is searching for his lost love, while the Master of All Worlds, his nemesis Door, is murdering all the alternate reality versions of him.

Sam claimed the multiverse he depicted was real, and he got all his ideas and inspirations because the multiverse was seeping through into his head.

Background Information[]

  • Although never explicitly named as such, "Sam" is intended to be Sam Lake, and "Shawn" is Tim Breaker and Jack Joyce actor Shawn Ashmore. Sam references Ashmore's past as Iceman in the X-Men films and Lamplighter in The Boys TV show by pointing out "you've done cool superheroes in the past."
  • Poison Pill is a reference to the real-world developers of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment. A "poison pill" would be the opposite of a "remedy." Remedy was also founded in August 1995.
  • "Time Breaker" is an extended reference to Quantum Break, with the Agent's "lost love" being a reference to Beth Wilder, and the villainous Door a reference to that game's Mr. Hatch.