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Poets of the Fall seen on The Harry Garret Show in Alan Wake

Poets of the Fall are a real-life rock band from Finland that also exists in the Alan Wake universe. Although lots of things are known about them in real-life almost nothing is known about them in the Alan Wake universe. There are seen on The Harry Garrett Show with Sam Lake and Alan Wake. Pat Maine mentions on a radio show that they remind him of the Old Gods of Asgard; this is an easter egg as they are both performed by the real-life band.

Known songs in the Alan Wake universe[]

Other possible songs[]

  • Late Goodbye from Max Payne 2 seems to foreshadow the events of Bright Falls, the prequel to Alan Wake. It is also referenced in The Sudden Stop. While Max Payne and Alan Wake don't occur in the same canon, given the amount of similarities between Alex Casey and Max Payne, that is likely only to avoid issues with Rockstar IP.
  • As Old Gods of Asgard canonically exists in the (also probably connected) universe of Quantum Break, it's likely that Poets of the Fall does too, particularly considering that the track "The Labyrinth" was originally planned to be included.
  • The song "Heroes and Villains" plays at the end credits of Alan Wake 2.


  • An unexplored door in the Oceanview Motel (found in Control) has a red and white spiral, possibly referencing the music video for the Poets of the Fall song "Carnival of Rust." A theory is that POTF's own worldbuilding canon is behind that door, contextualizing the overlap between Remedy elements and PotF elements in both the lyrics and music videos for "War" and "My Dark Disquiet."
  • In Alan Wake 2, members of the band make live-action appearances portraying the members of the Old Gods of Asgard in their youth. Markus Kaarlonen plays Tor Anderson, Marko Saaresto plays Odin Anderson, and Olli Tukiainen plays Bob Balder.

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