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Paul Randolph is first met in Alan Wake when Alan visits Rose Marigold at the trailer park.

Events of Alan Wake

Paul Randolph is met at Episode 3, he is the manager of the trailer park where Rose and other Bright Falls Residents live. Like certain residents, he seems to know about certain myths and legends about Bright Falls. Randolph cares about Rose, citing her smile and that she always pays her rent on time. He meets with Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler where he guides them to Rose's trailer.

After roughly a day had passed, Randolph was worried about Rose meeting with the two men who entered his trailer, so he called the Bright Falls Sheriff Station to check up on it, though this brought the FBI as well. Robert Nightingale almost shot Paul as Alan escaped the trailer park.

Paul can be seen at the ending meeting up with Deputy Grant while enjoying Deerfest.


Randolph Calls The Police

Mr. Randolph liked Rose, that little smile she had, how she was still sweet when life had tried so hard to make her bitter.

It wasn't any of his business what she did in her trailer, but those strangers – the writer and his smartass sidekick – looked like trouble, and they’d been in there for hours, way past her normal bedtime. He reached for the phone and called the sheriff’s station.



  • At some points in the game he can be seen limping on his right leg. He tells people he injured his leg in a bear trap, but really just has a case of gout.
  • He makes everyone call him Mr. Randolph, even having it written down on official forms.