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Paul Randolph[1] is a minor character appearing in Alan Wake. He is the manager of the Sparkling River Estates trailer park, where Rose Marigold and other Bright Falls Residents live.


Paul Randolph is a Caucasian robust man with brown hair. The top of his head bald and has a stubble. He wears a black shirt under an orange jacket, camo cargo pants, and black boots. While walking, he is seen limping on his right leg.


Like some residents of Bright Falls, Randolph seems to know about certain myths and urban legends related to area of Cauldron Lake, such as the "Scratching Hag" or the Native Americans beliefs about the Lake being a doorway to the underworld, though he prefers not to get involved with such topics, claiming himself to be of the "God-fearing" type.

Randolph particularly cares for Rose Marigold, who he cited to be a nice girl that always paid her rent on time, and admired her ability to remain positive despite the hardships she had endured.[2] This was shown when he contacted the police when he suspected the young woman to be in trouble.

He also disapproves of any residents of his trailer park conducting any obscene businesses, citing this as a cause for eviction.[1]


Bright Falls AWE[]

Randolph meets Alan and Barry

Paul Randolph meets Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler.

Paul Randolph met Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler after the two had come to his trailer park to meet with Rose Marigold and proceeded to guide the both men to the waitresses' trailer, while also listening to their discussion about Wheeler's findings about Bright Falls' history of local legends and myths, particularly about Cauldron Lake and Thomas Zane.

Randolph calls the police

Randolph calls the police.

After roughly a day had passed, Randolph noticed that Wake and Wheeler had stayed in Rose's trailer for a long time. Worried for the young woman's well being, he decided to call the Bright Falls Sheriff Station. Unbeknownst to him, the two men had been drugged by Marigold, who was under the influence of the Dark Presence. After Wake regained consciousness and exited the trailer, the police officers arrived at the trailer park, led by FBI agent Robert Nightingale. As Wake attempted to flee, Nightingale opened fire at the writer, almost killing both him and Randolph in the process.[3]

After the incident at the trailer park, Randolph was taken into custody and subsequently interrogated by Agent Nightingale. While Randolph was at first reluctant to cooperate due to the agent's recklessness, Nightingale managed to convince him to answer his questions.[1]

Paul later attended the 68th annual Deerfest, where he was seen talking with Deputy Grant while enjoying festival.[4]



  • While he claims that he injured his leg in a bear trap, the limping on his right leg is actually due to a case of gout.
  • Mr. Randolph also runs a small food truck in his trailer park called Randy's Dogs. Carl Stucky can be heard promoting the shop after he becomes Taken, saying that Paul makes "the best dogs in the state" but that he won't eat the salad. The menu on the food truck also calls salad "rabbit food."[5]
  • He is very adamant on people referring to him as "Mr. Randolph," even having it written down on official forms.

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