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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Terry's Guest Call is one of the collectibles in Alan Wake 2. It is one of Pat Maine's radio shows. It is currently unobtainable in-game.


Pat: Pat Maine here. Sorry for the late start on today’s program. I took a little hike to clear my head and, y’know, that fresh mountain air really does wonders, but I just... I couldn’t seem to find my way back. I know that trail like the back of my hand, but it’s somehow different now. Everything’s changed. I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who remembers how it used to be. All I kept thinking was, I need to find my way back. Find my way back. My way...

Pat: Anyway, we’re here now and I’m proud to announce that our show has a new sponsor, so the Pat Maine Radio Hour is now brought to you by... by um... Jeez, it was on the tip of my tongue. Maybe I wrote it down somewhere. All these notes just say “Wendy Davis” over and over. I know that name. Who is that? Well, for now maybe we’ll just say the sponsor’s Coffee Land and give them a plug here. Coffee Land? Is that right? Sorry, I’m feeling a bit out of sorts today. I took a little hike out around Mirror Peak to clear my head. That fresh mountain air usually does wonders, but something happened out there... What was it? Something happened. What was that? What were we talking about? Hm. Maybe we can come back to that later. Let’s get to our first guest on the show here. Who do we have on the line? My paper here says “Wendy Davis”. Wendy, you’re on with Pat Maine. Wendy, are you there?

Pat: Hm. Must have a connection issue. We’ll try to get a hold of Wendy later on. Y’know what? I think I remember where I know that name from. Yes, it says right here, “Davis Family Beef Jerky”. That must be our new sponsor. Apologies to Wendy for the confusion. I went out for a hike earlier to clear my head in that fresh mountain air, and ever since I’ve been feeling like... Do you ever feel like everything’s spinning in a circle and you’re trying to just... keep your finger on it. Must be reacting to the humidity from all that rain. But usually when I get a headache like this it means sunshine is right around the corner, so we can all look forward to some good weather just in time for Deerfest. Up next we have a new song from a local musician. This is a song by... What’s it say here... Wendy Davis. We’ll be back after this.

Pat: Get it together, Pat. Breathe. Just breathe. They need you out there. Look around, make a list of what’s real, just like he said. Filing cabinet. Microphone. Computer. Chair. Soundboard. Sticky note. Breathe, breathe, breathe. You’re okay. This is real and you’re okay. Lamp. Bed. Coffee mug. Microphone. No. No, I need some air. I need to get back. Need to get back. I need to get back.

Tapio: Hello? Anybody there?

Tapio: Okay, I will hang up now.



  • On release, a bug prevented players from collecting more than 6 of the 9 Pat Maine Radio Shows. Players would be able to collect the first six shows without incident, but all subsequent radios would only play Deerfest Floats on repeat without it being collectible, meaning this episode would not ever play. This was supposedly fixed in Update 10 on November 9, 2023, the patch notes for which stated that all Radio Shows could now be heard.
    • However, subsequently players have made widespread reports that only seven shows can be collected, and that this episode remains nowhere to be found in-game.