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Quote1 It will happen again. In another town. A town called Ordinary. Quote2
― Odin Anderson, Balance Slays the Demon.

Ordinary, Maine is a fictional town in the U.S. state of Maine, serving as the primary setting in This House of Dreams and a prominent location in the Remedy Connected Universe. Ordinary was home to a slide projector, found in a landfill, that acted as an Object of Power capable of projecting slides as doorways to other dimensions. The origin of the slide projector and its placement in Ordinary, Maine is currently unknown.

In 2002, Ordinary was the site of an Altered World Event, in which most of the town's adult residents disappeared. Siblings Jesse and Dylan Faden were responsible due to tampering with the slide projector, allowing a hostile entity to enter their reality. The town and Faden siblings were monitored afterwards by the Federal Bureau of Control. In 2012, Samantha Wells moved to Ordinary and began a blog, This House of Dreams, detailing her house renovation and subsequent experience with another Altered World Event.


Notable Locations[]

Notable Residents[]

  • Tom Barlow
  • Frederick Bartwell
  • Dylan Faden
  • Jesse Faden
  • Neil Hosenberg
  • Hugo
  • Samantha Wells


  • The town is first mentioned in a hidden message in Alan Wake's American Nightmare, stating "It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary."