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The Oil Field is a Fight 'Till Dawn map appearing in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Normal Description

The earth may be full of black gold, but the shadowy figures that stalk you here aren't interested in that. Petroleum means nothing to them, what they want is your blood.

Nightmare Description

The pumpjacks keep working, dragging up precious crude oil, heedless of the endless hordes of Taken that now infest the area. They're coming for you. All of them.


Oil Field is the third map available for play in Fight 'Till Dawn mode. As its name implies, the map is an open derelict oil field, featuring several pump jacks and storage buildings. The center pump jack emits a jet of flame. Although this does not harm the Taken, the lighted area can be useful for the player to better target and engage enemies.

There is also an ammo cache at the derrick.