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The Triple D's Oh Deer Diner is a diner located in Bright Falls, Washington. It appears in Alan Wake, Alan Wake 2, and the Bright Falls mini-series.

Events of Bright Falls (mini-series)[]

Episode 1: Oh Deer[]

Oh deer

Triple D's Oh Deer Diner in the Bright Falls mini-series

Jake Fischer enters the Oh Deer Diner where he reads some articles about Dr. Emil Hartman. He meets Rose Marigold and remarks about the paper cutout of Alan Wake in the diner. She explains that she "likes writers". Although he didn't order any food, he receives a full meal and even a birthday cake, after which everyone in the diner sings him Happy Birthday. He then leaves the diner.

Episode 2: Time Flies[]

Jake arrives in the diner a second time to meet Ellen Adams, an ex-colleague and old flame of his. Rose seems jealous of her, despite Jake being in a relationship.

Episode 4: Local Flavor[]

In this episode, outside the diner, a woman named Shel Dyck seems to have been touched by the Dark Presence, trying to destroy the lights at the diner. Deputy Mulligan tries to stop her, only to end up getting bitten by her. Jake cannot believe what he is seeing and walks into the diner and tells Rose on what has just happened. For a moment, she cannot see anything until Mulligan pulls up in his car with Shel going crazy in the car. He walks over to Rose and tries to stop the bleeding. Jake watches an advertisement of Deerfest, only to have another vision and end up in a body bag.

Events of Alan Wake[]


The Oh Deer Diner's Menu (click to enlarge)

Episode 1: Nightmare[]

Alan Wake first visits the diner when he is looking for Carl Stucky, to obtain the keys to his cabin. He's told that Stucky is in the bathroom, but once he gets there a woman named Barbara Jagger tells him that Stucky was ill and couldn't make it, and gives him the keys and the directions to the cabin instead. It is here that Alan first meets Rose MarigoldCynthia Weaver, Rusty and the Anderson Brothers.

Episode 5: The Clicker[]

In Night life in Bright Falls, Alan can return here. The Diner seems to have been left unlocked at night, and the Open sign is still lit up. This could mean that since Rose was touched by the Dark Presence, she was supposed to come into work and lock the doors, but she never did.

Special 1: The Signal[]

In the special, Alan first enters the diner to find it just like the first day he arrived in Bright Falls, except everyone is translucent. While they are talking, they would be cut off by a strange noise. Alan head's to the bathroom for an unknown reason he cannot recall, where he encounters Thomas Zane in the men's bathroom mirror, who provides him with a gun and flashlight. When he leaves the bathroom, everyone is gone and there are TV's on the counter and on the seats. The TV's turn on and tell him that he has to fight for his life. Then suddenly, Taken appear in the diner and he fights them.


  • This diner shares many things in common with the diner in Twin Peaks. For example, both are famous for their cherry pie.
  • The diner's exterior is based on the real-world Twede's Cafe located in North Bend, WA. This location was also the inspiration for the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks.
  • Rusty occasionally stops by and gets free coffee, a fact he is grateful for.
  • According to the diners' menu, there are several Oh Deer Diners. They are located in Watery, Cape Campbell and Elderwood.
  • The diner's menu includes "Bradel's Dopefish Burger".
  • The menu has four sizes of coffee, and if you include the 100 thermoses, it proves that the game itself is coffee frenzy.
  • If you look outside during Episode 1, people walk by the diner. The pedestrian with the hat heavily resembles the original version of Mott seen in the 2005/6 demo of the game. He is also similar to Emerson.
  • As early trailers for Alan Wake show, other characters such as Pat Maine and Doctor Nelson would originally have been met in the diner.
  • The diner seen in Bright Falls has a different layout to that of Alan Wake, though it shares a few similarities from certain angles. This is likely an oversight when it came to developing the game and mini series. The diner is one of the only two locations shared between the two, the other being Cauldron Lake Lodge.
  • In the game, the diner is a lot smaller and the desk Rose stands behind is much shorter, standing in the middle of the room. In the miniseries, the desk is to one side of the wall and there are many more seats.