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Odin Loses an Eye is one of the Collectables found in Alan Wake 2. It is one of the pages of the Return manuscript.


It’s 1988. A face-off between deities on the rim of Cauldron Lake, high above its dark waters.

Thunder roared. The Old Gods facing something even more powerful — something harder to define, even. Or, changing the perspective, raging lunatics all, caught up in the frenzy of a shared delusion.

The Old Gods, the corsairs of the sea of night, and the dark one who yearned to stand in-between, who had always stood in-between, who would soon stand in-between.

”We help you, you stay away from our family,” Tor Anderson snarled over the thunder.

”Yes, until you all come to me,” came the answer.

”That’s never gonna happen,” shouted Odin.

”I will take this as collateral so you’ll remember our deal,” said the dark one.

Blood arched from Odin’s face as he fell to his knees.

Lightning hit the dark figure on the cliff, and with that, he was gone.

Tor rushed to his brother. “Are you alright, bro?”

Effectively blind in that moment, the eyepatch covering his left eye, his hand over the now empty socket of his right, blood oozing out of it, Odin cursed:

”The bastard took the wrong eye.”


The page depicts the circumstances of Warlin Door's disappearance in 1988.