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Quote1 "Parafictional resarch?" Who is funding these people...? Quote2
― Saga Anderson

Nursery Rhymes are encounters exclusive to Saga Anderson's story within Alan Wake 2. Completing Nursery Rhymes are required to collect additional charms for Saga's Charm Bracelet.


The story behind the "Nursery Rhymes" research project can be pieced together from documents and emails found at the Witchfinder's Station at Cauldron Lake, the Ranger Station in Bright Falls, and the Ranger Cabin and a trailer behind Suomi Hall in downtown Watery.

The Nursery Rhymes were devised by Dr. Eugene Campbell, the FBC's lead researcher of the Department of Parafictional Research, part of the research team at the Lake House. The project aims to research how Cauldron Lake can make fiction affect reality, using simple narratives communicated via nursery rhymes to test how the Threshold's power is manifested.

Case Board[]

The Case Board for Saga's Point of Interest investigation into the Nursery Rhymes can be found here.

Nursery Rhyme Dolls[]

There are 13 total Nursery Rhyme Dolls to find throughout Saga's story. The final doll is unavailable until the first 16 other nursery rhymes are solved. Remember to pick up Nursery Rhyme Dolls after solving each Nursery Rhyme Puzzle.

Image Name Chapter Location Case Notes
Crow Doll Crow Doll The Heart Cauldron Lake
  • Streamside Picnic Area
Kind of reads more like an owl to me.
Hero Doll Hero Doll The Heart Cauldron Lake
  • Witchfinder's Station
  • Same place as Wolf Doll
Is that foil lining? Someone put in a lot of effort.
Wolf Doll Wolf Doll The Heart Cauldron Lake
  • Witchfinder's Station
  • Same place as Hero Doll
It has a pretty good paint job. Nice detail.
Deer Doll Deer Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Woods North of Downtown
  • Same place as Moose Doll
Kind of hard to tell it's a deer. I suppose clothespins are a limiting medium...
Moose Doll Moose Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Woods North of Downtown
  • Same place as Deer Doll
I love the anterls and its little face, nicely made.
Wise Elder Doll Wise Elder Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Lighthouse Trailer Park (fish station)
  • Same place as Bear Doll
What is that, a sledgehammer? Do wise old men usually carry those...?
Bear Doll Bear Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Lighthouse Trailer Park (fish station)
  • Same place as Wise Elder Doll
What a little cutie. So well painted, too.
Mother Doll Mother Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Lighthouse Trailer Park (wharf)
  • Same place as Child Doll
Holding the belly. A bit on the nose for my taste.
Child Doll Child Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Lighthouse Trailer Park (wharf)
  • Same place as Mother Doll
Cute. I like the braids.
Trickster Doll Trickster Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Lighthouse
It has nice details, but it gives me the creeps.
Maiden Doll Maiden Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Ranger Cabin
  • Same place as Monster Doll
It's got a little bag. For all its maidenly needs.
Monster Doll Monster Doll Local Girl Watery
  • Ranger Cabin
  • Same place as Maiden Doll
A monster with long blonde hair. I like it.
Father Doll Father Doll Old Gods Cauldron Lake
  • Rental Cabins
  • Boltcutters Required
  • Inside an FBC crate that only appears next to the last of the 16 Nursery Rhyme Puzzles you solve.
The glasses are a nice touch.


Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes (4)[]

Nursery Rhyme Chapter Location Solution Case Notes
One bird for light
Two for darkness
Three birds for a fight
Four for a struggle
Five birds for injury
Six for misery
Seven for the ending,
whatever it may be
The Heart Streamside
  • Picnic Area
Crow Doll -> Sun A rhyme about counting crows. Each number of crows has a different meaning.
The Hero brave and strong left home to right a wrong
From the woods came the Wolf so greedy and hungry
That he ate what he found in the house without a host
The Hero returned to find she’d lost the thing she loved most
The Heart Witchfinder’s Station Hero Doll -> Boat
Wolf Doll -> Tree
The hero of the rhyme left her child unprotected.
A mother-Crow sits in her nest
Guarding her babies, doing her best
To protect her home from the Beast coming to feast
But only a Hero brave of heart can keep the two apart
The Heart Witchfinder’s Station Crow Doll -> Hatchling
Hero Doll -> Heart
Wolf Doll -> House
In the rhyme the mother crow tried to protect its nest, but ultimately failed.
Our Hero courageous and true
Stalked by the Monster hatching through
The clever Crows caw their warning
And keep an eye on the battle forming
When the fight is done and over
The Hero and the Crows Reap the rewards left for her
Old Gods Rental Cabins
  • Boltcutters Required
Hero Doll -> Jewelry
Crow Doll -> Eye
Monster Doll -> Hatchling
In the rhyme the hero was aided by two crows. They shared the reward together.

Watery Nursery Rhymes (8)[]

Nursery Rhyme Chapter Location Solution Case Notes
The Gentle Beast with a beautiful crown
Runs through the woods with a worried frown
From the Hunter he flees between the mighty trees
To make it out alive
Local Girl Watery Woods
  • North of Downtown
Moose Doll -> Tree This rhyme was about a moose, evading hunters.
Three little Deers ventured to roam
And found a nice place to eat and play
One little Deer never came home
And two of the deers cried all day
Local Girl Radio Tower Deer Doll -> House The rhyme was about a deer being eaten by wolves.
The Old Fisherman had great luck
His catch at Sea was beyond belief
But the Hungry Guest found relief
In the Fisherman’s bountiful truck
Local Girl Lighthouse Trailer Park
  • Wharf
Wise Elder Doll -> Waves
Bear Doll -> Candy
A rhyme about a fisherman who lost their catch to a hungry bear.
An old Watcher of the Sea before his demise
Cursed the waters that ruined his eyes
So he played a trick on the Ocean deep
The waves to fight and havoc to wreak
And in doing that wrong lost his soul’s song
Local Girl Watery Lighthouse Wise Elder Doll -> Eye
Trickster Doll -> Waves
A rhyme about an old man who became a monster.
A Devil with a prize, lured the animals two
To his boat all shiny and new
Who would float and who would sink?
Asked the Devil with a wink
The Moose went splash, the Deer sailed on
But which one of them was therefore gone?
Local Girl Coffee World
  • Latte Lagoon
Deer Doll -> Boat
Moose Doll -> Waves
Trickster Doll –> Jewelry
A rhyme about a deer and a moose lured by some kind of devil.
A young Woman eager and smart
Ventured into the woods, the beasts’ lair
The King of the Forest stole her heart
And together they now live, without a care
Local Girl Ranger Cabin Maiden Doll -> Tree
Bear Doll -> Heart
A rhyme about a woman who fell in love with a bear. Things probably didn't go the way she hoped...
There once was a faithful Girl
At home she stayed and there she prayed
For her Lover to return
But he collected fair maidens just as he did
Their stolen riches and broken hearts
Local Girl Downtown Watery
  • Screwdriver Required
Maiden Doll -> House
Trickster Doll -> Jewelry
A rhyme about a girl who fell for the wrong guy. Why's it always the girl who gets cheated on...?
The Old Man who could not see
Had no children of his own
So he cared for a Fawn not yet grown
For the Deer for him was dear
And filled his life with love
Old Gods Lighthouse Trailer Park
  • Fish Station
  • Boltcutters Required
Wise Elder Doll -> Eye
Deer Doll -> Heart
A rhyme about an old man who raised a fawn as his child.

Bright Falls Nursery Rhymes (4)[]

Nursery Rhyme Chapter Location Solution Case Notes
Mother, may I go outside, may I run and play?
I say to you my Daughter dear, go outside and play
But only in the light of day and only ‘round the trees so grown
Never near the lake, my child, and never may you drown
Old Gods Bunker Woods Mother Doll -> House
Child Doll -> Tree
By trying to protect against one danger, she exposed her child to another danger.
A child needs their Mother to keep them safe
And a home as their hiding place
Because outside the Monsters roam and chase
When they ring your doorbell, don’t yell
Don’t tell them to go away
Give them treats and pray
They won’t rock your house down to the ground
Old Gods Ranger Station Monster Doll -> Candy
Child Doll -> House
Is the moral of the story here to feed anyone who rings your doorbell? This was very odd.
To the beach a Child went wandering
Pretty, shiny rocks she’s gathering
But from the water a Monster rose
A horrible beast with a pointy nose
A flapping wing and dragging toes!
But the Child was wrong, it was her Mother all along
On a boat grabbing a towel that’s already gone
Old Gods Southern Shoreline
  • Beach
Monster Doll -> Waves
Child Doll -> Jewelry
Mother Doll -> Boat
I'm not loving the depiction of the mom as "a horrible beast with a pointy nose." Kids can be cruel, I guess.
Five little Monsters out on the sea
Competing to see who the winner will be
They rocked their boats to find out who floats
Until one little monster did fall
Mama called out to the Sea and cried
And the Sea she replied
“On the bottom they will rot if they will not stop rocking their boats.”
Old Gods Billie’s Boat Yard
  • Wharf
Monster Doll -> Boat
Mother Doll -> Waves
A cautionary rhyme about a child who fell out of a boat and drowned.

Final Nursery Rhyme (Cauldron Lake)[]

This Nursery Rhyme becomes available after all others are completed. The Father Doll will be found near whichever Nursery Rhyme is completed last. Unlike all other rhymes, this one is still accessible after starting Return 7: Summoning, as the Witchfinder's Station is not blocked off.

Nursery Rhyme Chapter Location Solution Case Notes
On our Hero, the faraway Father still kept an eye,
And told her not to stand out in the light too bright
While the loving Mother and her Hatchling only tried to survive
When a tricky Witch opened a way into the dark lake,
Our Hero, against all caution, did a bold step take,
Away from the Sun which would make, her Blind to all that she could see.
Old Gods Witchfinder's Station Father Doll -> Eye
Hero Doll -> Sun
Mother Doll -> Heart
Child Doll -> Hatchling
Trickster Doll -> Waves
A rhyme about a reckless hero, being watched over by "the far away Farther."

Upon solving the final nursery rhyme, the scientist running the project, Dr. Campbell, will call out over the radio and state he has been monitoring Saga messing around with the nursery rhymes, and that her actions may have opened a doorway in the Dark Place. The man however gets cut off, and instead a small box appears before Saga. Collecting the box opens a fourth Charm slot on Saga's charm bracelet.


  • The Final Nursery Rhyme at Witchfinder's Station is audio rather than read.
  • The Watery Ranger Cabin is staged to reflect the Nursery Rhyme, including rose petals laid as a heart on the bed and a framed picture of a "maiden" and a bear.


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