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Number One Fan is the first of three episodes in Night Springs, Alan Wake 2's first expansion.

Synopsis & Goals[]

Quote1 A fan. The dictionary definition of the word is: An enthusiast, a fervent devotee. An abbreviation of fanatic. What comes across to an outsider as a dangerous obsession or even madness, is something entirely different from the point of view of the fan herself. To be a fan is a joyous existence, one filled with the happiness that stems from knowing with utter clarity- the purpose of your life. But what if that purpose could be more still? If you could be lifted out of the flock as your idol's chosen one? The only one who could decipher his secret messages. What lengths would you go to save the object of your obsession in... Night Springs. Tonight's cult-classic episode: Number One Fan. Quote2
― Opening Narration


  • Provide coffee refills
  • Collect the dirty dishes
  • Optional: Dispense really good advice
  • Get the novel from storage


  • Gather your accessories from the back room
    • Take the shotgun
    • Take the rifle
  • Head to the boatyard
  • Follow the Bad Boy's trail
  • Search the cabin
    • Confront the Bad Boy at the beach
  • Follow the Bad Boy's trail
  • Talk to the Bad Boy
  • Defeat the Bad Boy
  • Talk to the Bad Boy
  • Reach the top floor of the mansion
Quote1 A fan and the object of her joy come together against a world trying to keep them apart. A happy ending, for some. But is happiness, like beauty, all in the eye of the beholder? Where is the line between fandom and fixation? One can never tell in... Night Springs. Quote2
― Closing Narration.