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For the song of the same name, go to Yötön Yö (song).

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Finnish poster.

Nightless Night (Yötön Yö in Finnish) is a short film created by Thomas Zane based on Alan Wake's (Scratch's) manuscript "Return". Nightless Night tells the original story written in the “Return” manuscript by Scratch under the control of the Dark Presence, while the the story that takes place in the game is an Alan Wake's edited version.


At the start of the film, the following cast list is shown, but in Finnish:


Part 1[]

The detective (Aleksi Kesä) finds himself in a blank room, where a cultist in front of him walks through a spiral door. As Kesä walks up to the door, he can hear typewriter keys clacking. Behind a door, a man is writing a story about Kesä’s (Alex Casey) life in the Writer’s Room; a failed marriage, no money, losing his job. The writer also writes about Kesä’s first love, Baba Jakala (Barbara Jagger). Kesä then notices a man on the floor next to the writer, bleeding and struggling, but realises it is himself. Kesä looks at the writer, who growls at him, and then the world gets bright. Kesä is then seen in his car driving down a road, and passes a sign for “Kattilajärvi” (a lake found in Finland). He turns down the road to get to the lake, and the world gets bright again.

Part 2[]

Kesä finds himself in a blank room again, where five cultists outside the spiral door walk towards him, though they suddenly disappear. Kesä then finds himself in front of a door with a janitor poster on it. Kesä knocks on the door, calling for Ahti. Kesä opens the door and sees the janitor standing there in the same pose as the poster. Ahti smiles, and recites the line “Beyond the shadows you settle for, there is a miracle, illuminated”. The world shifts, and Ahti can be seen on stage singing “Yötön Yö” at a dance, with the detective dancing with Baba Jakala. Kesä then tells Baba that if he were to leave, for Baba to go with him. Upon spotting two cultists dancing, the world shifts for Kesä.

Part 3[]

Finding himself surrounded by the cultists again, Kesä then suddenly appears outside in a forest by a cabin, where he meets the Murderer gloating about killing a man. Kesä walks up to the group, and Kesä asks about the murderer’s brother, where the murderer claims he stabbed him to death as a sacrifice for his master. The murderer tells Kesä that he was the master’s chosen one. The murderer then pulls out a knife, ready to kill Kesä, but once again the world shifts.

Part 4[]

Kesä is then sat in a room with Ahti drinking coffee. Kesä explains he’s found himself written into a story, stuck in a loop. Ahti asks Kesä about the Federal Bureau of Control, though Kesä says he has him mistaken for someone else as he doesn’t work there and that he was fired from the FBI. Kesä asks if Ahti needs a janitor’s assistance, though Ahti declines him, stating he may also be out of a job, and that he may try to get a job at the FBC. The world gets bright again, and Kesä finds himself in a forest next to Huotari Well with Baba. She makes him drink a bottle of liquid called "Nightless Night", and upon finishing it Kesä starts to grovel over in pain. Baba then says to him “This is the ritual to lead you on”.

Part 5[]

Kesä finds himself in the Writer’s Room again, and as a light turns on, he sees a silhouette of a man. The man, Alén Veikko (Alan Wake), walks up to Kesä, holding the light, and then suddenly the room goes dark. Ahti and Kesä are then in a Sauna drinking beer, talking about Alén and his widow. As Ahti throws water on the steaming rocks, the world gets bright again.

Part 6[]

Kesä and Baba are then driving down a road, though when Kesä looks in his rearview mirror, and sees a cultist sitting in the back seat and a tree symbol hanging from the mirror. The world shifts, and Kesä is then crawling next to Huotari Well, vomiting. Suddenly the environment turns red, and cultists appear from the trees and grab onto Kesä, who struggles to break free. Some of the cultists take off their masks, who are revealed to be Baba and the murderer from before. They then stab him in the stomach as Kesä winces in pain, though Alén is also shown to be stabbing him also.

Part 7[]

Baba and the murder tell the bloodied Kesä “This is the ritual to lead you on, he returns and you in turn are locked in the room.” Suddenly the Huotari Well lights up, and upon it Alén Veikko appears from it. Baba is thanked by Alén for freeing him from his prison, as Kesä, no longer bloodied and shirtless, watches from afar. Kesä finds himself in the Writer’s Room again, and states “It’s not a loop. It’s a spiral.” The world gets brighter, and Kesä screams.

Part 8[]

The word “Loppu” (End) appears on the screen as the song Yötön Yö is played in full.


  • You can hear Alan Wake trying to pronounce the title "Yötön Yö" while hanging out with Thomas Zane [1]