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As Alan Wake 2 has now launched, be wary of major spoilers of the game. It is recommended you play the game before browsing the wiki.


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Night Springs Remastered

The video game in Emerson's room, as seen in the Remastered version of Alan Wake.

Night Springs video games are a type of collectibles in the Alan Wake DLC The Writer. There are 10 Night Springs video games to be found hidden throughout the episode.


  • When you enter the hedge maze after the typewriter word "Pump" take a left through the hedge maze and continue through the maze, it should be lying down on the easel after a few corners.
  • Inside Cauldron Lake Lodge next to the fire place.
  • When you walk out of Cauldron Lake Lodge proceed down the stairs and on the left turn check the bin, it should be lying there.
  • This one is a little tricky to find, when you reach the house that spins around, jump inside the house and jump back out, it'll begin to spin and just wait. When you have a safe chance to jump on the roof, jump. It should be lying on the roof.
  • When you exit Stucky's Gas Station, turn a little to your right into the woods, check around until you find a bed frame, it should be lying on top of the bed frame.
  • When you reach the bridge and Thomas Zane talks to you, you should see a truck that has some logs fallen off, go to the right side of the truck with the fallen logs and it should be lying near the truck.
  • After Zane makes the tree bridge, climb down the tree and on the hill side there should be a broken red boat. Go behind the boat and look around a little, it should be lying in some grass.
  • When you find the broken plane, jump inside the plane and it should be lying there.
  • When you reach the Lighthouse, go behind the Lighthouse and have a look, It should be lying down on a piece of furniture.
  • When you finally reach Diver's Isle, turn back and run all the way up the hill, it should be lying down at the same exact location of a coffee thermos during Nightmare.


  • A Night Springs video game first appears inside Emerson's room at the Cauldron Lake Lodge during The Truth. It is not collectible.
  • Initially these donned the Xbox 360 logo in the original Alan Wake release, but the top banner was changed to a gray strip in the remaster.


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