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Night Springs Page 1

Cover art for the Night Springs comic.

Night Springs is a comic book, released in 2011, set during the events of the first game, Alan Wake. Written by Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti, it follows Frank Breaker, father to Sarah Breaker as he gathers the residents of Bright Falls on the impending attack of shadowy figures seen around town. The comic is set during the events of Episode 5: The Clicker.


It's revealed that the events of the comic are an excerpt of the manuscript of Departure written by Alan Wake.

The events take place after Alan Wake and Sarah Breaker head to the helicopter in order to reach the power plant. Frank Breaker, the father of Sarah, is at his home reading Alan's newest book, The Sudden Stop. He soon receives a call from Barry Wheeler who tells him "Night Springs". Frank, knowing what this means, grabs a flashlight and begins to head into town. On his way he calls somebody named Kirklund.

The comic then explains some of the weird encounters Frank has had over the years while in Bright Falls, including, seemingly, a wolfman, and even ghosts of his wife.

When he arrives in town, he then meets numerous Bright Falls residents, including Pat Maine, Deputy Thornton, Deputy Mulligan, Deputy Grant and Deputy James. There they mention how they encountered "shadowy people" as well as empty cars trying to run people over as well as other inanimate objects trying to hurt people. Frank asks if anybody had seen his daughter Sarah, where he is told she went in the direction of the power plant with Alan Wake in a helicopter. He gives the townsfolk various tasks and makes his way to the plant.

Whilst on his way there, he is attacked by an axe-wielding Taken but manages to ward him off. He then spots a flare shooting from the power plant, and continues heading in that direction. Upon arriving he finds the plant empty, but see's a hatch open he believes they entered and knows exactly where it leads.

Frank then drives to the Bright Falls Dam but is rammed into by a large empty truck. Upon coming to a stop, a woman with a dark veil covering her face appears at his window and remarks about Sarah "IF SHE PROTECTS WAKE, SHE WILL DIE". Frank lashes out at the woman, but while she disappears, a tonne of Taken surround him. He tries to fight them off, but there are too many. Just before he is killed, the world suddenly turns to daytime, which is due to Alan pressing the Clicker. This causes all the Taken to disperse, giving Frank a moment to try and head to "The Well-Lit Room". He spots Alan running out of the room, but instead of giving chase, he enters the room, where he finds Cynthia Weaver, Barry and also reunited with his daughter Sarah.


  • Page 23 has a bright background unlike all the other pages due to this being the page it suddenly turns to daylight after Alan uses the clicker.