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Night Springs is a fictional town in the Alan Wake universe. It first appears in Alan Wake's American Nightmare as the main setting.


Night Springs is located in the middle of Arizona. It is a dark and arid place when Alan arrives and home to Taken that are more dangerous than there weaker counterparts in Bright Falls.

There are three main parts to Night Springs; Desert Shore Motel, Mount Redtooth National Observatory and the Drive-In Theater.

The Rest Stop is the first part of Night Springs that Alan travels through. It consists of the oil field, which is the most dangerous place as there are numerous Taken. It is also made up of the Desert Shore Motel, which acts as a safe haven for Alan to restock on ammo and health. Emma Sloan works as a mechanic in the garage. There is also a diner and a building next to a railway.


Night Springs was created by Alan Wake as a gateway he used to escape from the Dark Place.

Mr. Scratch has also been causing trouble in Night Springs, using it as his launching point to wreak havoc.


  • Night Springs is named after the eponymous TV show, which is well-known in the Alan Wake world. Alan used to be on staff as one of the show's writers before he became a famous novelist.