Nelson is a local doctor who appears in Alan Wake. He also runs a clinic in Bright Falls.

Alan Wake (Season One)

The doctor is first seen at the beginning of episode two where he is inspecting Alan Wake, whose head has been wounded, for a concussion. Alan tells Nelson that he is fine, but he is lying so that he is not sent to hospital. The doctor leaves as Wake goes to visit Sheriff Sarah Breaker.

When Bright Falls is taken over by the the Dark Presence, Nelson is seen by Wake and Breaker in his apartment, where he is yelling about all the commotion, which he believes to be caused by Deerfest. Breaker tells Nelson to just hold up for a while and that the commotion will be over soon.

He can also be seen at the end of the game, celebrating Deerfest next to Pat Maine.


Doctor Nelson is a doctor in Bright Falls. He is also shown to have a love for fishing, this is evident by how he goes on about it while talking to Alan.


He lives next to the Bright Falls Book Store.

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