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Quote1 You a fishing man, Mr. Wake? Oh, doesn't really matter, I suppose. But it can be very relaxing out there. You can't get me off the water this time of year -- closest thing to heaven. Quote2
― Nelson to Alan Wake

"Doc" Nelson is a minor character appearing in Alan Wake. He is a local doctor who runs a clinic in Bright Falls.


Nelson is a middle-aged caucasian man with short white hair. He wears a blue plaid shirt over a white t-shirt. He also wears a tan fishing vest, brown pants, and a pair of black boots.


Being the doctor of Bright Falls, Nelson was well versed in the field of medicine. As stated by Alan Wake, Nelson was "the image of a small town doctor". He is also shown to be a fishing enthusiast, as seen when he talked with Alan about the largemouth bass that he had caught earlier that morning and explained to him the different types of fishes he recommends to catch.[1] It also seemed that, while at some point in his life Nelson was a competitive fisherman, he has recently opted to "take [his] time and enjoy the peace of it", being this the reason for which he decided to no longer participate in the annual Deerfest's fishing contest.[2]

Regarding love, Nelson considers the idea of there being only one special person in the world, an idea that Pat Maine believes in, to be depressing and even childish, as it suggests that missing that one chance would mean to be forever incomplete, and chooses instead to believe that "love is where you look for it", and that the potential to find a special connection is not limited to a chance encounter.[3]


Nelson inspects Alan

Doc Nelson inspect Alan Wake.

On the morning of September 9, after Alan Wake was taken to the Bright Falls Sheriff Station by Sheriff Sarah Breaker, Nelson, who at that time was fishing and had managed to catch a largemouth bass, was called to inspect Wake, whose head had been wounded. Despite suffering from headaches and memory loss, Alan opted to lie to the Doctor in order to avoid being sent to a hospital and apologized for interrupting his fishing morning, though Nelson disregarded it and began telling the writer about his hobby.[1] Later that day, Nelson was invited to talk about his plans for the annual Deerfest on Pat Maine's show at KBF-FM Radio Station, in which he mentioned that he would be a judge in the pie contest and stated that he no longer had intention of participating on the fishing contest, to which Maine responded that the other participants would feel happy about.[2]

Nelson and Maine

Nelson and Maine during the Annual Deerfest.

Two days later Nelson was once again invited to Maine's show to discuss with him about love.[3] Later that day, the doctor was called to inspect Wake's agent, Barry Wheeler, and waitress Rose Marigold, who had both recently taken for interrogation by FBI Agent Robert Nightingale following his raid on the Sparkling River Estates trailer park. While Wheeler, who had been drugged, was already recovering, Marigold, on the other hand, was still in a delirious state, caused by the touch of the Dark Presence, something that Nelson had not seen in over three decades.[4] After the Dark Presence spread over the town of Bright Falls on the night of September 13, Wake and Breaker came across Doctor Nelson, who was in his apartment protesting about the commotion caused by the gun-shooting, unaware of the actual events. Sheriff Breaker assured the doctor that they were taking care of it and told him to return to bed.[5] After Alan managed to prevent the Dark Presence from escaping Cauldron Lake, Nelson attended Deerfest alongside Pat Maine and other Bright Falls residents.[6]





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