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The Nailgun is a weapon used in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It can first be picked up in the garage at the Desert shore motel.


"It's not too powerful or accurate, but it's fast and has enough ammo to keep you ka-chunking away for a good while. Ka-chunk-chunk-chunk. Ooh, that guy shoulda worn goggles. Safety first!"


The nailgun features a 25 round clip and a decent rate of automatic fire. Due to the fact that the nails are propelled using an air compressor, the nails lose altitude over time. This means that the shooter will have to arc the projectiles for long range shots. Because the nailgun is a one handed weapon, it occupies the right hand slot and will replace any other one handed weapon. The nailgun is one of two fully automatic one-handed weapons, the other being the submachine gun. Compared to the submachine gun, the nailgun has a slower rate of fire and a smaller magazine. Also, the slow moving nails must be aimed carefully at moving or long range targets whereas the submachine gun does not. However, the nailgun does boast a higher damage per shot than the submachine gun, allowing the player to conserve ammo more efficiently.



  • The nailgun was used in the marketing for American Nightmare as Alan's signature weapon, as it appears in his hand in almost all promotional imagery for the game and one of the Avatar items available for purchase associated with American Nightmare is a T-shirt with a nailgun emblazoned on the front. This is in distinct contrast with the marketing for the original Alan Wake, as Alan was depicted carrying a variety of weapons, such as the revolver and the shotgun.

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