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Mulligan and Thornton Bicker is one of the collectibles found in Alan Wake. It is one of the episodes of Pat Maine's radio show.


Pat Maine: As you regular listeners know, I tend to work through the night, but I'm not the only one. Deputies Mulligan and Thornton are taking a couple of moments off their busy schedule to join me here in the studio. Boys, how busy are you now? Deerfest is almost here, isn't it? I -- I bet that keeps you in business.

Deputy Mulligan: Pretty busy, yeah.

Deputy Thornton: Actually, Pat, we've been real busy with other stuff --

Deputy Mulligan: Uh, which concerns an ongoing investigation. We can't talk about that, Thornton.

Deputy Thornton: I wasn't going to say anything. I was just saying we've got, you know, other irons to fry.

Pat Maine: And how would you compare our workload to last year's? Things have seemed relatively peaceful to me, but people do tend to get a little wild this time of year.

Deputy Mulligan: Oh it's wild, Pat. It's pretty wild. There's been all sorts of trouble this year. Vandalism, fighting, public disturbances... a lot of people gone missing, too.

Deputy Thornton: Yeah, yeah, it's -- it's pretty much the, uh, usual stuff, Pat, just, you know, a lot more of it.

Pat Maine: Now, is it just me, or does Deerfest get wilder every year? People seem to be more drunk, at least, or they start earlier, and younger...

Deputy Mulligan: Oh, it's definitely not just you, Pat, but--

Deputy Thornton: Definitely, Pat!

Deputy Mulligan: ...hey, I'm talkin' here, Thornton -- uh... oh, shoot, I lost my train of thought...

Pat Maine: Not just me...

Deputy Mulligan: Oh, uh, yeah! Yeah, it's wilder, Pat, but actually, most of the trouble seems to be coming from grown men, people who oughta know better, you know? The kids are doing fine this year.

Pat Maine: Well, that's nice to hear, at least. Boys, I want to thank you for stopping by. I'll let you get back to your patrol.

Deputy Mulligan: Sure thing, Pat.

Deputy Thornton: Yeah, sure thing, Pat.


The radio holding this collectible can be found on the fifth floor of the storage silo on the Anderson Farm.