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Mulligan is a Bright Falls Sheriff Station Deputy Sheriff seen in the mini series Bright Falls and is the only named sheriffs deputy shown during its duration. He also appears on the radio in Alan Wake.


Events of Bright Falls (mini-series)

When Jake Fischer visits the Oh Deer Diner in Episode 4, he spots a Shel Dyke throwing rocks at a lamp post and Deputy Mulligan's attempt to halt the vandalism. Mulligan stops his patrol car near the old lady and gets out of the car. Mulligan demands that she stop, but instead get a rock hurled at him. He places the strange woman under arrest and puts her in the back of his car, but not before she bites him in the hand. He goes into the Diner, shows his bleeding hand to Rose and asking for some first aid. In Clearcut, After Sam Smith's mysterious disappearance, Mulligan goes to the Mountain Air Hotel to ask if anyone there had seen Smith. Because Jake is the only current guest there, he visits his room. Jake lets him in and Mulligan sees that the interior of the room has been completely destroyed. Jake, thanks to his camera, is pretty sure he himself destroyed his own room but doesn't tell Mulligan this. Instead he comes up with the excuse that he left the door open and a wild animal wandered by. Much to Jake surprise, Mulligan observes that the evidence points towards a big deer stag and shows him several telltale signs to back up his point. The deputy then lightly remarks that it would have been a very good hunting trophy and he can't wait to tell his friends about it. It seems that Mulligan did not suspect Jake as the cause of the damage.

Events of Alan Wake

While Mulligan makes no physical appearances in game, he is called in to assist the manhunt for Alan Wake by FBI Agent Robert Nightingale. He voices his distrust of Nightingale over the local police scanners and takes Barry Wheeler and Rose Marigold into custody. He is later heard via a park ranger's radio playing in an observation tower, suggesting that a doctor be called for Rose, who has been touched by the Dark Presence. Once again he is heard over the airwaves later, when being interviewed at the local radio station by Pat Maine. He shrugs off most of Maine's questions elusively.


  • He's a bit lazy and sarcastic.
  • He has applied for the position of Sheriff in the past but has never been appointed.
  • He's lived in Bright Falls all his life.
  • He also makes an appearance in the Alan Wake novelization, escorting Walter Snyder into a cell.
  • He is played by Robert Peters in the live action mini-series.